Hormonal Control of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis

  • Kenneth W. McKerns
  • Zvi Naor

Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Neuroendocrine Control of Gonadotropin Secretion

    1. S. M. McCann, G. D. Snyder, S. R. Ojeda, M. D. Lumpkin, A. Ottlecz, W. K. Samson
      Pages 3-25
    2. M. Motta, P. Falaschi, S. Zoppi, L. Martini
      Pages 39-53
  3. Molecular Aspects of GnRH Biosynthesis, Release, and Degreadation

    1. Jesse Roth, Derek LeRoith, Joseph Shiloach, Chaim Rabinowitz
      Pages 71-87
    2. Karl Bauer, Bernhard Horsthemke
      Pages 101-114
  4. GnRH Receptors and Action in the Pituitary

    1. R. N. Clayton, S. I. Naik, L. S. Young, H. M. Charlton
      Pages 141-151
    2. P. Michael Conn, Deloris C. Rogers, Sallie G. Seay, Lothar Jennes, Hyder Jinnah, Michael Bates et al.
      Pages 153-167
  5. Secretory Processes in the Pituitary

  6. Gonadotropin Antagonists

    1. Uriel Zor, M. R. Sairam, Pnina Shentzer, Anat Azrad, Abraham Amsterdam
      Pages 235-248
  7. Endocrine Regulation of Ovarian Functions

    1. Joseph Orly, Patricia Weinberger-Ohana, Ronit Shoshani
      Pages 249-261
    2. Harold R. Behrman, Peter J. Albert, Steven D. Gore, Laneta J. Dorflinger
      Pages 263-272
    3. P. Landis Keyes, Khe-Ching M. Yuh, Charles H. Bill II, John E. Gadsby
      Pages 273-288
    4. Geula Gibori, M. Iqbal Khan, Rajagopala Sridaran, Y-D. Ida Chen, Salman Azhar, Mrinalini C. Rao et al.
      Pages 289-307
    5. Nava Dekel
      Pages 325-336
    6. Reuven Reich, Alex Tsafriri
      Pages 337-353
  8. Prolactin

    1. Carl Denef, Myriam Baes, Carla Schramme, Luc Swennen
      Pages 355-366
    2. Alain Enjalbert, Joël Bockaert, Jacques Epelbaum, Emmanuel Moyse, Claude Kordon
      Pages 367-383
  9. Hormones and Gene Expression

  10. Regulation of Testicular Function

    1. M. Conti, R. Geremia, M. V. Toscano, M. Stefanini
      Pages 411-422
    2. Focko F. G. Rommerts, Rinkje Molenaar, Axel P. N. Themmen, Henk J. van der Molen
      Pages 423-436
  11. Extrapituitary Effects of GnRH

    1. Robert P. Millar, Judy A. King
      Pages 437-453
    2. Richard M. Sharpe, Irene Cooper
      Pages 455-465
    3. J. H. Dorrington, H. L. McKeracher, A. Chan, R. E. Gore-Langton
      Pages 467-478
    4. Zvi Naor, Jacob Molcho, Moshe Zilberstein, Haim Zakut
      Pages 493-508
  12. Interaction of Opiates and Gonadotropins

    1. Joseph Meites, Karen Briski
      Pages 509-519
  13. GnRH Analogs: Clinical Uses in the Management of Fertility and Cancer

    1. F. Labrie, A. Dupont, A. Bélanger, R. St-Arnaud, C. Labrie, C. Bossé et al.
      Pages 531-549
    2. J. Sandow, K. Engelbart, W. von Rechenberg
      Pages 551-562
    3. Vaclav Insler, Gershon Hochberg, Joseph Levy, Gad Potashnik, David Goldstein
      Pages 563-576
    4. G. Leyendecker, L. Wildt
      Pages 577-592
    5. David Rabin, Robert M. Evans, Gregory C. Doelle
      Pages 593-601
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 611-622

About this book


The eleventh monograph and meeting of the Foundation on "Hormon­ al Control of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis" was held in October 1983 at the Weizmann Institute of Science. This monograph honors the memory of Professor Hans R. Lindner, a productive and innovative scientist greatly respected and admired by his col­ leagues. When addressing the opening session I remarked that my impres­ sion of the Weizmann Institute was one or two large buildings hous­ ing the various departments. This was my first visit to Israel and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful semi-tropical gardens of the in­ stitute, in a setting of shrubs and trees, orange groves and flow­ ers. Sited among this seventy-five acres are over fifty buildings and residential areas for the staff and visiting scientists. I saw pictures of this area when Dr. Chaim Weizmann founded in 1934, the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, the forerunner of the Weizmann In­ stitute. The site was sand dunes without a blade of grass. That the desert shall bloom is illustrative of the progress made in Is­ rael. The topics of the monograph are grouped into twelve sections.


Gonadotropin biosynthesis hormone hormone receptors hypothalamus memory neuropeptides prolactin research steroid steroids treatment

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  • Kenneth W. McKerns
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  • Zvi Naor
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  1. 1.International Foundation for Biochemical EndocrinologyBlue Hill FallsUSA
  2. 2.Weizmann Institute of ScienceRehovotIsrael

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