Language and Language Acquisition

  • F. Lowenthal
  • F. Vandamme
  • J. Cordier

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. Martin Schiralli
    Pages 23-29
  3. F. Lowenthal
    Pages 39-44
  4. J. M. Waaub
    Pages 83-86
  5. F. Lowenthal
    Pages 87-94
  6. E. Cohors-Fresenborg, H. J. Struber
    Pages 95-106
  7. Charles E. Lamb
    Pages 107-111
  8. A. I. Weinzweig
    Pages 123-128
  9. F. Lowenthal
    Pages 129-140
  10. Robin N. Campbell, Terry Bowe Macdonald, Julie E. Dockrell
    Pages 141-150
  11. M. Guillerault, C. Laborde
    Pages 151-155
  12. A. F. Rocha, E. Francozo
    Pages 171-175
  13. Ruth Manor
    Pages 209-215
  14. Michel Meyer
    Pages 217-220
  15. W. Van Langendonck
    Pages 221-225
  16. F. Lowenthal
    Pages 343-357
  17. Marc Dominicy
    Pages 359-363

About this book


F. LOWENTHAL University of Mons Mons, Belgium In September 1980, researchers from many different countries and working in disciplines as varied as philosophy, psychology, neurology, mathematics, education, linguistics, sociology, and others we forget to mention, again met in Mons to discuss problems concerning Language and Language Acquisition. Conflicting opinions among researchers not only from different disciplines, but also within a same discipline, led to many a lively discussion. This book attempts to recreate the atmosphere of the conference, by reproducing the different papers, some of which were rewritten after the initial presentation and discussion-session, and by giving a summary of each discussion session to enable the reader to understand how each participant reacted. Obviously, we accept full responsibility for these summaries: we hope we have understood correctly what each participant meant. This also holds for the special session devoted to an attempt to define the concept of "language". We suggest that further meetings should study language and context simultaneously, within the framework of a "CONTEXTUAL LINGUISTICS".


atmosphere concept education language language acquisition linguistics mathematics philosophy psychology sociology

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  2. 2.RijksuniversiteitGentBelgium

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