Material Behavior and Physical Chemistry in Liquid Metal Systems

  • H. U. Borgstedt

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Kurt Anderko
    Pages 1-3
  3. Alan W. Thorley, Anthony Blundell, J. Alan Bardsley
    Pages 5-18
  4. Benjamin H. Kolster, Johan v.d. Veer, Leo Bos
    Pages 37-48
  5. Inge Schreinlechner, Fritz Holub
    Pages 105-111
  6. Marten G. Barker, Stephen A. Frankham, Paul G. Gadd, David R. Moore
    Pages 113-119
  7. Vittorio Coen, Horst Kolbe, Luigi Orecchia, Takao Sasaki
    Pages 121-130
  8. Norbert Rumbaut, Florint Casteels, Martin Brabers, Michel Soenen, Hugo Tas, Jacky De Keyser
    Pages 131-139
  9. Horst Huthmann, Günther Menken
    Pages 153-163
  10. Hans Ulrich Borgstedt, Günther Drechsler, Günter Frees, Egon Wollensack
    Pages 185-191
  11. William F. Brehm, R. P. Anantatmula
    Pages 193-204
  12. Antonio Marin, Roberto Solano, Segundo Barroso, Manolo de la Torre
    Pages 215-228
  13. I. Ali-Khan
    Pages 237-242
  14. Jürgen Jung, Ulrich Buckmann, Rainer Pütz
    Pages 265-273
  15. George J. Licina, Prodyot Roy, Colin A. Smith
    Pages 297-307
  16. N. P. Bhat, V. Ganesan, T. R. Mahalingam, S. Rajendran Pillai
    Pages 309-318
  17. T. R. Mahalingam, R. Geetha, A. Thiruvengadasamy, C. K. Mathews
    Pages 329-334
  18. John R. Gwyther, Andrew C. Whittingham
    Pages 335-343
  19. Cees van der Marel, Jean Hennephof, Gerrit J. B. Vinke, Ben P. Alblas, Willem van der Lugt
    Pages 401-410
  20. G. Periaswani, V. Ganesan, S. Rajan Babu, C. K. Mathews
    Pages 411-420
  21. W. Peter Stanaway, Roy Thompson
    Pages 421-427
  22. Norbert Rumbaut, Florint Casteels, Martin Brabers
    Pages 437-444
  23. Peter Hubberstey, Andrew T. Dadd, Peter G. Roberts
    Pages 445-454
  24. Manfred Schad
    Pages 475-478

About this book


The international seminar "Material Behavior and Physical Chemistry in Liquid Metal Systems" was organized by the Institute of Materials and Solid State Research of the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center (Karlsruhe, Federal Republic of Germany). The seminar was held at the Nuclear Engineering School of the center on March 24-26, 1981. The aim of the seminar was to give metallurgists, chemists,. and physicists working in different areas of the science and technology of liquid metals an opportunity to discuss the basic work and the need for further work in this field. Since the seminar was held near one of the laboratories which for the last few years has been engaged in liquid alkali metal studies, partic­ ipants also had an opportunity to observe modern equipment for liquid alkali metal research. Interest in the application of liquid metals as working fluids in energy production, conversion, and storage is increasing. The technology has already demonstrated its high standards, which make possible the operation of large sodium-cooled fast reactors. Past conferences have shown, however, that there is still a lack of basic knowledge and understanding. Therefore, the aim of the present seminar was to discuss basic work in detail, and most of the papers contributed to this objective.


Metall alloy ceramics fatigue iron liquid modeling

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