Gas Phase Chromatography

Volume I Gas Chromatography

  • Rudolf Kaiser

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THE present volume, which is the first of a three-volume work on gas phase chromatography, deals with the problems of gas chromatography in packed columns. Gas chromatography, like any other analytical method, is mainly a matter of practical skill, and therefore emphasis has been given to the apparatus at the expense of a more detailed presentation of the theory. The aim of this book is to make lecturers and students, chemists, works engineers and laboratory workers familiar with this highly effective branch of analytical physical chemistry. I hope too that the experienced worker may find references which will be of value to him in his work and which will spare him part of the now almost impossible task of keeping up to date with the literature. The nomenclature used here is the result of a number of discussions with Professor E. Cremer and Dr. E. Bayer, and I should like to take this opportunity of expressing my grateful thanks to them. The present book is based partly on my book Gas Chromatography which appeared at the end of 1959. Numerous discussions with Professor E. Leibnitz and his colleagues H. P. Angele, M. Hofmann, H. Holzhauser, M. Kuhl and H. G. Struppe and the experimental work carried out with them have all influenced this revision. I should also like to thank Dr. H. Kienitz and his colleagues Dr. K. Dorfner, Dr. H. D. Ermshaus and Dr. H. Runge for valuable suggestions.


Sorption adsorption chemistry chromatography experiment influence nomenclature phase physical chemistry

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