Neutron Transmutation Doping in Semiconductors

  • Jon M. Meese

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Introduction

  3. Radioactivity and Radiation Protection

  4. NTD Device Applications And Device Physics

    1. Hans Mork Janus
      Pages 37-45
    2. C. K. Chu, J. E. Johnson
      Pages 53-63
    3. H. M. Hobgood, T. T. Braggins, J. C. Swartz, R. N. Thomas
      Pages 65-90
    4. Gerald C. Huth, Boris L. Hikin, Vladimir Rodov
      Pages 91-108
    5. J. M. Meese, Paul J. Glairon
      Pages 109-128
    6. E. J. Caine, P. J. Glairon, E. J. Charlson, E. M. Charlson
      Pages 129-141
  5. Reactor Facilities for Transmutation Doping

  6. Basic Processes—Radiation Damage and Dopant Production

    1. J. W. Cleland, P. H. Fleming, R. D. Westbrook, R. F. Wood, R. T. Young
      Pages 261-279
    2. B. C. Larson, R. T. Young, J. Narayan
      Pages 281-290
    3. L. Katz, E. B. Hale
      Pages 307-316
    4. B. Jayant Baliga, Andrew O. Evwaraye
      Pages 317-328
    5. Atsushi Yusa, Kazuhiro Hasebe, Yoshibumi Yatsurugi, Hidio Higuchi
      Pages 329-331
    6. J. H. M. Stoelinga, D. M. Larsen, W. Walukiewicz, R. L. Aggarwal, C. O. Bozler
      Pages 333-333
    7. M. H. Young, O. J. Marsh, R. Baron
      Pages 335-343
    8. R. R. Hart, L. D. Albert, N. G. Skinner, M. H. Young, R. Baron, O. J. Marsh
      Pages 345-354
  7. Summary of the Conference

    1. J. M. Meese
      Pages 355-358
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 359-371

About this book


This volume contains the invited and contributed papers presented at the Second International Conference on Neutron Transmutation Doping in Semiconductors held April 23-26, 1978 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The first "testing of the waters" symposium on this subject was organized by John Cleland and Dick Wood of the Solid-State Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in April of 1976, just one year after NTD-silicon appeared on the marketplace. Since this first meeting, NTD-silicon has become established as the starting material for the power device industry and reactor irradiations are now measured in tens of tons of material per annum making NTD processing the largest radiation effects technology in the semiconductor industry. Since the first conference at Oak Ridge, new applications and irradiation techniques have developed. Interest in a second con­ ference and in publishing the proceedings has been extremely high. The second conference at the University of Missouri was attended by 114 persons. Approximately 20% of the attendees came from countries outside the U.S.A. making the conference truly interna­ tional in scope.


Potential circuit computer energy industry integrated circuit material processing radiation resonance semiconductors silicon solid testing transistor

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