Biochemistry and Function of Phagocytes

  • Filippo Rossi
  • Pierluigi Patriarca

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 141)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Morphology

    1. P. Brederoo, J. van der Meulen, Charles E. McCall
      Pages 1-7
  3. Locomotion of Phagocytes

  4. Cytotoxic Activity of Phagocytes

  5. Microbicidal Activity of Phagocytes

    1. P. C. J. Leijh, Th. L. van Zwet, M. Th. van den Barselaar, R. van Furth, P. Elsbach
      Pages 139-149
    2. Mic. N. Hamers, Herman J. Sips, P. Elsbach
      Pages 151-160
    3. Jörg Menzel, Klaus-Michael Debatin, Helmut Bannert, P. Eisbach
      Pages 161-165
    4. Marina Cinco, Elena Banfi, Maria Rosa Soranzo, P. Elsbach
      Pages 167-174
    5. Richard B. Johnston Jr., Masataka Sasada, Lindsay A. Guthrie, Michael J. Pabst
      Pages 175-177
    6. Peter F. Bonventre, Constantine G. Haidaris
      Pages 189-198
    7. Daniela Iannello, Letterio Bonina, Demetrio Delfino
      Pages 199-206
  6. Secretory Activity of Phagocytes

    1. J. Bernard L. Gee, Cynthia A. Stevens, Lois M. Hinman, R. A. Harkness
      Pages 217-223
    2. W. Sluiter, Elly Hulsing-Hesselink, R. van Furth, R. A. Clark
      Pages 225-232
    3. M. Kopitar, M. Drobnič-Košorok, J. Babnik, J. Brzin, V. Turk, M. Korbelik et al.
      Pages 233-245
    4. Ron S. Weening, Alwin A. Voetman, Mic N. Hamers, Louis J. Meerhof, Annet A. A. M. Bot, Dirk Roos et al.
      Pages 247-257
    5. G. Camussi, F. Bussolino, M. Aglietta, W. Piacibello, C. Tetta, G. Segoloni et al.
      Pages 259-268
    6. Renato Gennaro, Domenico Romeo, Beatrice Dewald, Marco Baggiolini, R. A. Clark
      Pages 277-281
  7. Biochemistry of Phagocytes

    1. Filippo Rossi, Paolo Bellavite, Giorgio Berton, Pietro Dri, Giuliano Zabucchi, R. E. Basford
      Pages 283-322
    2. Dirk Roos, Rob van Zwieten, Margriet L. J. van Schaik, Mic N. Hamers, R. E. Basford
      Pages 323-334
    3. Katsuko Kakinuma, Mizuho Kaneda
      Pages 351-360
    4. Shigeki Minakami, Zeenat F. Nabi, Bernard Tatscheck, Koichiro Takeshige
      Pages 361-370
    5. Lawrence R. DeChatelet, Charles E. McCall, Pamela S. Shirley, B. M. Babior
      Pages 371-381
    6. Michèle Markert, Jörg Frei, B. M. Babior
      Pages 383-392
    7. Anthony W. Segal, Angela Harper, Rodolpho Garcia, Owen T. G. Jones, Andrew R. Cross, Michael Geisow et al.
      Pages 401-409
    8. Martine Torres, Jacques Hakim, R. E. Basford
      Pages 429-440
    9. Seiichi Kitagawa, Fumimaro Takaku, B. M. Babior
      Pages 441-451
    10. Koichiro Takeshige, Tadashi Matsumoto, Zeenat F. Nabi, Shigeki Minakami
      Pages 453-461
    11. Claudio Schneider, Cristina Mottola, Lucilla Dolzani, Domenico Romeo, B. M. Babior
      Pages 463-472
    12. R. Pantaleo, A. Fusaro, D. Giordano, S. Papa
      Pages 473-480
    13. Paola Arslan, Alda Miolo, Cesare Montecucco, Tullio Pozzan, R. E. Basford
      Pages 481-489
    14. Janine Breton-Gorius, Jean Louis Vildé, Josette Guichard, William Vainchenker, Françoise Basset, Charles E. McCall
      Pages 491-499
    15. R. Wever, M. N. Hamers, C. J. de Graaf, R. S. Weening, D. Roos, R. B. Johnston Jr.
      Pages 501-508
    16. David A. Bass, William H. Grover, Jon C. Lewis, Lawrence R. DeChatelet, Charles E. McCall
      Pages 509-518

About this book


This volume collects the papers presented at the "Second Euro­ pean Conference on Phagocytic Leucocytes" which was held in Trieste, September 15-18, 1980. The Conference was the continuation of the thread of a discourse initiated with the "First European Conference on Phagocytic Leucocytes," which was held also in Trieste in 1976. In fact, in both Conferences the biochemical aspects of the basic functions of phagocytes--that is movement, metabolism, secretion, and bactericidal activity--were mainly emphasized. In the Second Confer­ ence, two additional subjects were also dealt with, and those are the tumoricidal activity of phagocytes and the clinical aspects of phagocyte functions. In connection with the latter subject a "Round Table on the Clinical Application of Leucocyte Function Tests" was held during the Conference, and the proceedings are reported in this book in the hope that they may be useful to those who are interested in the relationship between phagocytes and diseases. The number of papers which are being published concerning the phagocytic process is such that one wonders whether publication of a new book in this field is necessary. However, the philosophy which inspired the edi­ ting of this book differs from that underlying publication of origi­ nal articles in scientific journals. We started from the common notion that the real progress of our knowledge is not necessarily proportional to the amount of published material in that specific field.


ATP Calcium Nucleotide bacteria bactericidal activity biochemical aspects biochemistry cell membrane chemistry enzyme enzymes metabolism protein receptor synthesis

Editors and affiliations

  • Filippo Rossi
    • 1
  • Pierluigi Patriarca
    • 2
  1. 1.Instituto di Patologia Generale dell’ Università di PadovaVeronaItaly
  2. 2.Instituto di Patologia Generale dell’ Università degli Studi di TriesteTriesteItaly

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