The Year in Metabolism 1975–1976

  • Norbert Freinkel

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  2. Stefan S. Fajans
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  4. Philip Felig
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  5. Jules Hirsch, Bruce S. Schneider
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  6. DeWitt S. Goodman
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  7. Leon E. Rosenberg, Kay Tanaka
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  8. J. Edwin Seegmiller
    Pages 213-258
  9. Louis V. Avioli
    Pages 259-279
  10. Myron Winick
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  11. Hibbard E. Williams
    Pages 299-316
  12. Charles S. Lieber
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It is unclear, and really no longer relevant, whether the information explosion that we now contend with has been fostered by the growth of specialization and subspecialization in medicine, or vice versa. What is clear is that the two are mutually supportive and constitute what would be in endocrine parlance a short-loop positive feedback system. As a result, for most areas of medicine, even the subspecialist in that area has a problem in maintaining currency, the more general specialist has substan­ tial difficulty in doing so, and the generalist is tempted to abandon the effort altogether. Nevertheless, for all, both the internal pressures of conscience and self-esteem and the external pressures generated by peer review, recertifi­ cation, and subspecialty boards create the need for continuous self-educa­ tion. We are, therefore, in an era in which the means of dissemination of new information deserves as much creative attention as does its acquisition.


Insulin Secretion Islets Of Langerhans amino acid diabetes diabetes mellitus diabetic neuropathy etiology growth factor homeostasis hormone receptors insulin medicine metabolism nutrition treatment

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