Advances in X-Ray Analysis

Volume 9 Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis Held August 25–27, 1965

  • Editors
  • Gavin R. Mallett
  • Marie J. Fay
  • William M. Mueller
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. F. W. Young Jr., T. O. Baldwin, A. E. Merlini, F. A. Sherrill
    Pages 1-13
  3. Mitsuru Yoshimatsu, Atsushi Shibata, Kazutake Kohra
    Pages 14-22
  4. Masataka Umeno, Hideaki Kawabe, Gunji Shinoda
    Pages 23-34
  5. Robert D. Forest, Richard J. Barton, N. C. Schieltz
    Pages 51-58
  6. Eckard Macherauch
    Pages 103-114
  7. R. P. I. Adler, H. M. Otte
    Pages 115-130
  8. R. L. Prickett, R. L. Hough
    Pages 142-151
  9. Charles P. Gazzara, R. M. Middleton
    Pages 152-158
  10. Jane Edmund Callanan, Norman O. Smith
    Pages 159-169
  11. M. Stammler, R. Bruenner, W. Schmidt, D. Orcutt
    Pages 170-189
  12. Edwin H. Shaw Jr.
    Pages 190-193
  13. Kurt F. J. Heinrich, Donald Vieth, Harvey Yakowitz
    Pages 208-220
  14. K. Das Gupta, Herbert W. Schnopper, Albert E. Metzger, Rex A. Shields
    Pages 221-241
  15. Leonid V. Azároff
    Pages 242-250
  16. Raymond J. Donahue, Leonid V. Azároff
    Pages 251-258
  17. Richard M. Ingersoll, Jack E. Taylor, Donald H. Derouin
    Pages 273-288
  18. H. Yakowitz, D. L. Vieth, K. F. J. Heinrich, R. E. Michaelis
    Pages 289-303
  19. V. G. Scotti, J. M. Johnson, R. T. Cunningham
    Pages 314-322
  20. Donald M. Koffman, Sheldon H. Moll
    Pages 323-328
  21. Franklin D. Davidson, Ralph W. G. Wyckoff
    Pages 344-353
  22. D. W. Wilbur, J. W. Gofman
    Pages 354-364
  23. E. W. White, H. A. McKinstry
    Pages 376-392
  24. Gavin R. Mallett, Marie J. Fay, William M. Mueller
    Pages 393-397
  25. Andrew A. Sterk
    Pages 410-419
  26. R. C. Ehlert, R. A. Mattson
    Pages 456-470
  27. Shizuo Kimoto, Masayuki Sato, Hitoshi Kamada, Takuzi Ui
    Pages 508-514
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 533-544

About these proceedings


The papers presented in this volume of Advances in X-Ray Analysis were chosen from those presented at the Fourteenth Annual Conference on the Applications of X-Ray Analysis. This conference, sponsored by the Metallurgy Division of the Denver Research Institute, University of Denver, was held on August 24,25, and 26, 1965, at the Albany Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Of the 56 papers presented at the conference, 46 are included in this volume; also included is an open discussion held on the effects of chemical com­ bination on X-ray spectra. The subjects presented represent a broad scope of applications of X-rays to a variety of fields and disciplines. These included such fields as electron-probe microanalysis, the effect of chemical combination on X-ray spectra, and the uses of soft and ultrasoft X-rays in emission analysis. Also included were sessions on X-ray diffraction and fluor­ escence analysis. There were several papers on special topics, including X-ray topography and X-ray absorption fine-structure analysis. William L. Baun contributed considerable effort toward the conference by organizing the session on the effect of chemical combination on X-ray spectra fine structure. A special session was established through the excellent efforts of S. P. Ong on the uses and applica­ tions of soft X-rays in fluorescent analysis. We offer our sincere thanks to these men, for these two special sessions contributed greatly to the success of the conference.


Absorption Sorption X-ray diffraction fields metallurgy metals paper spectra structure x-ray absorption

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