Crystallization Processes under Hydrothermal Conditions

  • A. N. Lobachev

Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. L. M. Dem’yanets, A. N. Lobachev
    Pages 1-26
  3. I. P. Kuz’mina, A. N. Lobachev, N. S. Triodina
    Pages 27-41
  4. V. I. Popolitov, B. N. Litvin
    Pages 57-72
  5. V. I. Popolitov, B. N. Litvin
    Pages 73-79
  6. N. Yu. Ikornikova, V. M. Sheptunov
    Pages 113-123
  7. L. N. Dem’yanets, E. N. Emel’yanova, O. K. Mel’nikov
    Pages 125-149
  8. O. K. Mel’nikov, B. N. Litvin, N. S. Triodina
    Pages 151-172
  9. V. A. Kuznetsov, A. A. Shternberg, T. K. Ivanova
    Pages 173-184
  10. I. P. Kuz’mina, B. N. Litvin, V. S. Kurazhkovskaya
    Pages 185-209
  11. I. P. Kuz’mina, A. N. Lobachev, N. S. Triodina
    Pages 211-224
  12. A. A. Shternberg
    Pages 225-240
  13. N. Yu. Ikornikova, A. N. Lobachev, A. R. Vasenin, V. M. Egorov, A. V. Antoshin
    Pages 241-255

About this book


This collection conta ins the results of a number of investiga­ tions which have been carried out in the Hydrothermal Synthesis Laboratory of the Institute of Crystallography, Academy of Sciences of the USSR; it constitutes a continuation of an earlier collection which appeared in 1968: Hydrothermal Synthesis of Crystals. Problems associated with the synthesis of oxides, simple and complex sulfides, carbonates, silicates, and germanates are consid­ ered, and a great deal of factual material relating to the growth of single crystals of some of these compounds on a seed is presented. Some of the articles pay special attention to the kinetic asp­ ect of the growth of crystals; the conditions of growth are relat­ ed to the morphological characteristics of the growing faces, and the relationship between the habit of the crystals and the oomposi­ tion and constitution of the solutions is considered. A fair number of articles are concerned with the crystalliza­ tion of new compounds, most of which have now been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions for the very first time; these in­ clude ternary chalcohalides of composition AVBvIVVII. zirconates, lithium silicates, and germanates. The collection also contains a description of the apparatus used for precision measurements at high temperatures and pres­ sures. We hope that this publication will present a better idea of the special characteristics of the hydrothermal method of synthes­ izing and .growing crystals, and will prove useful to all those in­ terested in this field of knowledge.


crystal crystallization crystallography growth kinetics lithium seed synthesis temperature

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