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Electronic Properties of Multilayers and Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures

  • J. M. Chamberlain
  • Laurence Eaves
  • Jean-Claude Portal

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 231)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Klaus v. Klitzing
    Pages 25-31
  3. M. L. Roukes, T. J. Thornton, A. Scherer, B. P. Van der Gaag
    Pages 95-116
  4. S. James Allen Jr., R. Bhat, G. Brozak, E. A. de Andrada e Silva, F. DeRosa, L. T. Florez et al.
    Pages 117-132
  5. Detlef Heitmann
    Pages 151-173
  6. D. K. Ferry, Jun Ma, R. A. Puechner, W.-P. Liu, R. Mezenner, A. M. Kriman et al.
    Pages 175-189
  7. T. P. Orlando, P. F. Bagwell, R. A. Ghanbari, K. Ismail
    Pages 191-209
  8. Gerald J. Iafrate, Joseph B. Krieger, Yan Li
    Pages 211-228
  9. M. Van Rossum, M. Van Hove, W. De Raedt, M. De Potterm, P. Jansen
    Pages 229-242
  10. G. A. Toombs, F. W. Sheard
    Pages 257-282
  11. T. C. L. Gerhard Sollner, Elliott R. Brown, C. D. Parker, W. D. Goodhue
    Pages 283-296
  12. Jeff F. Young, B. M. Wood, S. Charbonneau
    Pages 331-349

About this book


This Advanced Study Institute on the Electronic Properties of Multilayers and Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures focussed on several of the most active areas in modern semiconductor physics. These included resonant tunnelling and superlattice phenomena and the topics of ballistic transport, quantised conductance and anomalous magnetoresistance effects in laterally gated two-dimensional electron systems. Although the main emphasis was on fundamental physics, a series of supporting lectures described the underlying technology (Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Metallo-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition, Electron Beam Lithography and other advanced processing technologies). Actual and potential applications of low dimensional structures in optoelectronic and high frequency devices were also discussed. The ASI took the form of a series of lectures of about fifty minutes' duration which were given by senior researchers from a wide range of countries. Most of the lectures are recorded in these Proceedings. The younger members of the Institute made the predominant contribution to the discussion sessions following each lecture and, in addition, provided most of the fifty-five papers that were presented in two lively poster sessions. The ASl emphasised the impressive way in which this research field has developed through the fruitful interaction of theory, experiment and semiconductor device technology. Many of the talks demonstrated both the effectiveness and limitations of semiclassical concepts in describing the quantum phenomena exhibited by electrons in low dimensional structures.


Potential electrons integrated circuit modeling quantum mechanics scattering transmission

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