The Superfamily of ras-Related Genes

  • Demetrios A. Spandidos

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 220)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Bruno Antonny, Michel Roux, Marc Chabre, Pierre Chardin
    Pages 1-13
  3. J. F. Hancock, K. Cadwallader, A. I. Magee, C. Newman, T. Giannakouros, E. Fawell et al.
    Pages 15-22
  4. John Armstrong, Erica Fawell, Sally Hook, Alison Pidoux, Mark Craighead
    Pages 23-29
  5. Isabelle Lerosey, Véronique Pizon, Armand Tavitian, Jean de Gunzburg
    Pages 31-39
  6. David A. Hughes, Yoshiyuki Imai, Masayuki Yamamoto
    Pages 41-47
  7. Peter N. Lowe, Susan Rhodes, Susan Bradley, Richard H. Skinner
    Pages 49-55
  8. Yuji Mizukami, Akitaka Nonomura, Fujitsugu Matsubara, Masakuni Noguchi, Shinobu Nakamura
    Pages 67-79
  9. Rose Ann Padua, David Hughes, Elaine Nimmo, Peter Schrier, Keith Johnson
    Pages 81-88
  10. G. Carter, D. Hughes, N. Warren, A. Jacobs, J. Whittaker, E. Thomson et al.
    Pages 89-94
  11. J. T. Thorn, A. V. Todd, D. Warrilow, F. Watt, P. L. Molloy, H. J. Iland
    Pages 95-104
  12. M. S. A. Nur-E-Kamal, H. Maruta
    Pages 105-110
  13. Heather Marshall, Przemyslaw Popowicz, Georg Engel, Catharina Svensson, Göran Akusjärvi, Stig Linder
    Pages 111-119
  14. D. Gallwitz, J. Becker, M. Benli, L. Hengst, C. Mosrin-Huaman, M. Mundt et al.
    Pages 121-128
  15. Daniela Corda, Salvatore Valitutti, Luisa Iacovelli, Maria Di Girolamo
    Pages 137-143
  16. J. C. Chomel, S. Grandjouan, D. A. Spandidos, M. Tuilliez, C. Bognel, A. Kitzis et al.
    Pages 153-161
  17. Roberto Gambari, Stefano Volinia, Giordana Feriotto, Rafaella Barbieri, Roberta Piva, Claudio Nastruzzi
    Pages 163-172
  18. Claudio Nastruzzi, Demetrios Spandidos, Giordana Feriotto, Stefano Manfredini, Daniele Simoni, Roberto Gambari
    Pages 173-181
  19. Ute Krengel, Ilme Schlichting, Axel Scheidig, Matthias Frech, Jacob John, Alfred Lautwein et al.
    Pages 183-193
  20. A. V. Todd, S. Yi, C. M. Ireland, H. J. Iland
    Pages 195-203
  21. Abraham Amsterdam, Lea Eisenbach, Byung Sun Suh, Debora Plehn-Dujowich, Iris Keren Tal, Ada Dantes
    Pages 227-236
  22. Rafael P. Ballestero, Pilar Esteve, Rosario Perona, Benilde Jiménez, Juan Carlos Lacal
    Pages 237-242
  23. Nadia Le Marer, Vincent Laudet, Eric C. Svensson, Haris Cazlaris, Benoit van Hille, Christian Lagrou et al.
    Pages 243-252
  24. Philippe Chavrier, Jean-Pierre Gorvel, Kai Simons, Jean Gruenberg, Marino Zerial
    Pages 253-262
  25. R. P. Symonds, T. Habeshaw, J. Paul, D. J. Kerr, A. Darling, R. A. Burnett et al.
    Pages 277-283
  26. D. J. Kerr, J. A. Plumb, G. C. Wishart, M. Z. Khan, R. I. Freshney, D. A. Spandidos
    Pages 285-294
  27. Eduardo G. Lapetina, Michael J. Campa, Deborah A. Winegar, Francis X. Farrell
    Pages 295-302
  28. Zeev Lev, Noa Cohen, Adi Salzberg, Ziva Kimchie, Naomi Halachmi, Orit Segev
    Pages 303-309
  29. A. Pintzas, A. Kotsinas, D. A. Spandidos
    Pages 311-316
  30. Natasha Kyprianou, Jiri Bartek, Joyce Taylor-Papadimitriou
    Pages 317-326
  31. Back Matter
    Pages 337-338

About this book


since the earliest results on the linkage between ras activation and cell transformation appeared a vast amount of additional information has been generated which emphasizes the importance of ras-related genes in membrane trafficking, cell proliferation, differentiation and cancer. These advances led to the development of new strategies for the diagnosis, prognosis and prevention of cancer. Ras-related genes appear to be central to the mechanism of transformation by other oncogenes and therefore constitute a focal point upon which attempts to intervene in the process of carcinogenesis will be concentrated. The present volume contains the contributions to the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the "The Superfamily of ras-Related Genes" held in Agia Pelagia, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 1991. At this meeting the leading researchers in this field carne together to discuss the most recent progress in analysis of biological function of the ras-related genes. As an organizer I feel that the Workshop was a success, and would like to thank all the participants and the contributors to this volume. I thank the NATO Scientific Affairs Division, Brussels, the Greek Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology, the International Center for Cancer Research, the National Hellenic Research Foundation and the Medical School, University of Crete for sponsoring the Meeting.


carcinoma development gene expression genes phenotype

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