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Regulation of Smooth Muscle Contraction

  • Robert S. Moreland

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 304)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Tribute to Professor Edith Bülbring

    1. Hirosi Kuriyama
      Pages 1-2
  3. Contractile Protein Studies

    1. Masaaki Ito, Vince Guerriero Jr., David J. Hartshorne
      Pages 3-10
    2. Anthony R. Means, Indrani C. Bagchi, Mark F. A. VanBerkum, Bruce E. Kemp
      Pages 11-24
    3. Mitsuo Ikebe, Toshiaki Mitsui, Shinsaku Maruta
      Pages 25-36
    4. Steven J. Winder, Cindy Sutherland, Michael P. Walsh
      Pages 37-51
  4. Permeabilized Fiber Studies

    1. Robert S. Moreland, Jan Willem R. Pott, Jacqueline Cilea, Suzanne Moreland
      Pages 61-75
    2. Marion J. Siegman, Thomas M. Butler, Tapan Vyas, Susan U. Mooers, Srinivasa Narayan
      Pages 77-84
    3. Toshio Kitazawa, Andrew P. Somlyo
      Pages 97-109
    4. Junji Nishimura, Suzanne Moreland, Robert S. Moreland, Cornelis van Breemen
      Pages 111-127
  5. Intact Fiber Studies

    1. James T. Stull, Malú G. Tansey, R. Ann Word, Yasutaka Kubota, Kristine E. Kamm
      Pages 129-138
    2. Richard J. Paul, Timothy E. Hewett, Anne F. Martin
      Pages 139-145
    3. Suzanne Moreland, Ronald F. Coburn, Carl B. Baron, Robert S. Moreland
      Pages 147-157
    4. Chi-Ming Hai, Christopher M. Rembold, Richard A. Murphy
      Pages 159-170
    5. Edwin D. W. Moore, Peter L. Becker, Takeo Itoh, Fredric S. Fay
      Pages 171-183
  6. Excitation-Contraction Coupling

    1. Andrew P. Somlyo, Toshio Kitazawa, Sei Kobayashi, Ming Cui Gong, Avril V. Somlyo
      Pages 185-208
    2. Kenji Kitamura, Noriyoshi Teramoto, Masahiro Oike, Zhiling Xiong, Shunichi Kajioka, Yoshihito Inoue et al.
      Pages 209-227

About this book


Sixth Annual Graduate Hospital Research Symposium REGULATION OF SMOOTH MUSCLE PROGRESS IN SOLVING THE PUZZLE Every so often a scientific conference comes at a time when everyone has new and exciting information, when old "dogmas" do not seem to be as well established, and when speakers and participants alike are ready to challenge interpretations of old and new experimental data. This was such a conference. What turns on a smooth muscle cell? The precise answer to this question has eluded scientists for much longer than I have been involved in the field. We know that an increase in cytosolic calcium is necessary and we know that phosphorylation of the 20 kDa myosin light chain is an important step in the process. We do not know if other processes are necessary for the initiation and lor maintenance of a smooth muscle contraction nor do we know if other processes modulate the regulation of contraction. The goal of the symposium on which this volume is based was to explore the most current hypotheses for the answers to these questions. I believe that after reading the chapters included in this volume, you will agree that this goal was achieved. The importance of calcium and calmodulin dependent myosin light chain phosphoryla­ tion in the regulation of smooth muscle contraction was reinforced by many presentations. However, the status of myosin light chain phosphorylation as a simple calcium dependent switch came under serious suspicion.


ATP ATPase Asthma Calcium Nucleotide Purine endothelium mechanics smooth muscle

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