Risk Assessment in Setting National Priorities

  • James J. Bonin
  • Donald E. Stevenson

Part of the Advances in Risk Analysis book series (AIRA, volume 7)

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  2. William H. Desvousges, V. Kerry Smith
    Pages 13-24
  3. D. B. Chambers, L. M. Lowe, G. G. Case, R. W. Pollock
    Pages 25-41
  4. Ronald J. Marnicio, Research Methodologies Study Group
    Pages 97-109
  5. James J. Chen, Ralph L. Kodell, David W. Gaylor
    Pages 111-118
  6. Elmer L. Offenbacher, Paul Slovic
    Pages 119-134
  7. M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell
    Pages 135-149
  8. Ila L. Cote, Alice S. Pelland, Stanton P. Coerr
    Pages 159-164
  9. Gregory S. Kowalczyk, Lawrence B. Gratt, Bruce W. Perry, Evyonne Yazdzik
    Pages 165-174
  10. Gary R. Rosenblum, Steven A. Lapp
    Pages 183-193
  11. B. G. Cassidy, W. S. LaPay, D. F. Paddelford
    Pages 195-203
  12. L. Douglas James, Melanie L. Bengtson
    Pages 205-212
  13. Michael A. Kamrin
    Pages 219-222
  14. Joseph P. Rieth, Thomas B. Starr
    Pages 223-230
  15. E. A. C. Crouch, E. D. Klema, Richard Wilson
    Pages 231-239
  16. M. Peter Hoefer, S. Basheer Ahmed, Elayn Bernay, Colin Dusaire
    Pages 251-258
  17. Alan M. Rulis
    Pages 271-278
  18. Robert J. Scheuplein
    Pages 279-285
  19. Michael H. Tiller
    Pages 297-306
  20. Thomas Laetz, Roy Jones, Phil Travers
    Pages 333-340
  21. John S. Hoffman, John B. Wells
    Pages 353-356
  22. Mohsen Sharirli
    Pages 379-385
  23. Susan Turnquist, June Fessenden-Raden
    Pages 399-409
  24. Steven Lamm, Anthony Walters, Richard Wilson, Hans Grunwald, Daniel Byrd
    Pages 417-430
  25. Bruce E. Tonn, Cheryl B. Travis, Lloyd Arrowood, Richard Goeltz, Chris A. Mann
    Pages 431-441

About this book


The growing perception of the public and politicians that life is extremely risky has led to a dramatic and increasing interest in risk analysis. The risks may be very diverse­ as demonstrated by the range of subjects covered at the annual meetings of the Society for Risk Analysis. There is a need to pause and see how well the present approaches are serving the nation. The theme, "Setting National Priorities," which was chosen for the 1987 SRA Annual Meeting, reflects the concern that in dealing with individual kinds of risks, society may be more concerned with the trees than the forest. It is surprising how little attention is being given to the holistic aspects of risk. Who, for instance, is responsible for a national strategy to manage the reduction of health or other risks? Individual agencies have the responsibility for specific patterns of exposure, but these are not integrated and balanced to determine how the nation as a whole can obtain the greatest benefit for the very large investment which is made in risk-related research and analysis.


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