Biodeterioration Research 2

General Biodeterioration, Degradation, Mycotoxins, Biotoxins, and Wood Decay

  • Charles E. O’Rear
  • Gerald C. Llewellyn

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Introduction and Overview

  3. General Biodeterioration and Biodegradation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 3-6
    2. Nancy Kerr, Barbara Schweger
      Pages 19-38
    3. George Andrykovitch, Rex A. Neihof
      Pages 61-66
    4. Carl E. Warnes, Jayne A. Baldauf, Lisa M. Garriott
      Pages 67-73
    5. Richard A. Smucker, Carl E. Warnes
      Pages 75-80
    6. Sandra M. Singer, Walter F. Rowe
      Pages 81-89
    7. Jennifer A. Kundrat, Walter F. Rowe
      Pages 91-98
    8. Robert E. Hodson, Huey-Min Hwang, David L. Lewis
      Pages 117-130
    9. Robert E. Hodson, Patricia A. Sobecky, Mary Ann Moran
      Pages 131-138
    10. Stephen A. Olenchock, Daniel M. Lewis, James J. Marx Jr., Alvaro G. O’Campo, Gregory J. Kullman
      Pages 139-150
    11. Errol R. Archibold, Victor Ibeanusi, Judith A. Bender, Joseph P. Gould
      Pages 161-174
    12. A. J. Martinez, L. G. Ramirez, R. A. Bello
      Pages 175-186
  4. Mycotoxins as Biodeteriogens

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 187-190
    2. Brian Flannigan
      Pages 191-200
    3. J. S. Angle, R. L. Lindgren, D. Gilbert-Effiong
      Pages 245-250
    4. Adrian S. Krawczeniuk, Charles E. O’Rear, Gerald C. Llewellyn
      Pages 261-273
    5. Leslie P. Foldesi, Peter C. Sherertz, Richard R. Mills, Gerald C. Llewellyn
      Pages 287-294
    6. Henry M. Stahr, W. Hyde, P. J. Martin
      Pages 295-300
    7. Y. Jennifer Lee, Winston M. Hagler Jr., James E. Hutchins, Robert D. Voyksner
      Pages 313-335
    8. Mark E. Wilson, Winston M. Hagler Jr., John M. Cullen, Jon F. Ort, Richard J. Cole
      Pages 371-381
    9. Joseph O. Kuti, Nahid Mokhtari, Bruce B. Jarvis, George A. Bean
      Pages 383-392
    10. A. Bata, A. Vanyi, P. Lepom, W. V. Dashek, G. C. Llewellyn
      Pages 393-400
    11. Charles E. O’Rear, John M. Schreiber, Vickie L. O’Dell, Gerald C. Llewellyn
      Pages 401-411
    12. Cecile E. F. La Grenade, George A. Bean, Jean Robb
      Pages 413-420
  5. Timber and Wood Decay

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 429-433
    2. Kevin T. Smith
      Pages 435-450
    3. Rosannah Taylor, Gerald C. Llewellyn, Charles E. O’Rear, John E. Mayfield, Kevin T. Smith, Arthur L. Williams et al.
      Pages 451-464
    4. Barbara L. Illman, Terry L. Highley
      Pages 465-484
    5. Barbara L. Illman, Dore C. Meinholtz, Terry L. Highley
      Pages 485-496
    6. Barbara L. Illman, Dore C. Meinholtz, Terry L. Highley
      Pages 497-509
    7. T. L. Highley, T. K. Kirk, R. Ibach
      Pages 511-525
    8. John D. Bultman, Robert L. Gilbertson, Terry L. Amburgey, Carmela A. Bailey
      Pages 527-532
    9. Randolph W. Taylor, Arthur L. Williams, William V. Dashek, Wayne T. Swank
      Pages 549-570

About this book


The present volume contains the majority of the papers presented at the Second Pan-American Biodeterioration Society Meeting held at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA, on July 28, 29, 30, and 31, 1988. The sponsors for this symposium included The George Washington University, The Smithsonian Institution, The Virginia Department of Health, The University of Connecticut, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Atlanta University, Ball State University, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, the Agriculture Research Service/U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the University of Georgia. The program was organized by members of the Program and Planning Committee. They invited leading scientists in specific topic areas and accepted contributed papers from individuals and laboratories actively involved in relevant areas of research and study. The participation of established scientists was encouraged. The Society (PABS) undertook to ensure that the program reflected current developments, informed reviews, embryonic and developing areas, and critical assessment for several aspects of the present state of knowledge as it relates to the major sections of the proceedings. Obviously, not all aspects of biodeterioration or biodegradation are represented.


USA agriculture biodegradation development ecology environment health ozone planning research safety service

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  • Charles E. O’Rear
    • 1
  • Gerald C. Llewellyn
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  1. 1.George Washington UniversityUSA
  2. 2.Virginia Department of HealthRichmondUSA

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