Cell Calcium Metabolism

Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Clinical Implications

  • Gary Fiskum

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Transport and Pharmacology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Sophie Lotersztajn, Catherine Pavoine, Ariane Mallat, Dominique Stengel, Paul Insel, Françoise Pecker
      Pages 3-11
    3. Ernesto Carafoli
      Pages 21-26
    4. John P. Reeves, Joo Cheon
      Pages 27-31
    5. William A. Catterall, Michael J. Seagar, Masami Takahashi, Benson M. Curtis
      Pages 33-45
    6. Michel Fosset, Sylvie Vandaele, Jean-Pierre Galizzi, Jacques Barhanin, Michel Lazdunski
      Pages 47-56
    7. Pal L. Vaghy, Kunihisa Miwa, Kiyoshi Itagaki, Ferenc Guba Jr., Edward McKenna, Arnold Schwartz
      Pages 57-64
    8. Christy L. Cooper, Cliff M. O’Callahan, M. Marlene Hosey
      Pages 65-73
    9. Anibal E. Vercesi, Lucia Pereira-Da-Silva, Ione S. Martins, Eva G. S. Carnieri, Celene F. Bernardes, Marcia M. Fagian
      Pages 103-111
  3. Phosphoinositide Metabolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 113-113
    2. Michael John Berridge
      Pages 115-124
    3. John R. Williamson, Roy A. Johanson, Carl A. Hansen, Jonathan R. Monck
      Pages 125-141
    4. C. J. Kirk, J. B. Parry, R. F. Irvine, R. H. Michell, S. B. Shears
      Pages 143-148
    5. Donald L. Gill, Julienne M. Mullaney, Tarun K. Ghosh, Sheau-Huei Chueh
      Pages 157-167
    6. Andrew P. Thomas, Jan B. Hoek, Raphael Rubin, Emanuel Rubin
      Pages 169-177
    7. Peter F. Blackmore, Christopher J. Lynch, Stephen B. Bocckino, John H. Exton
      Pages 179-185
    8. Gaetan Guillemette, Tamas Balla, Albert J. Baukal, Kevin J. Catt
      Pages 193-203
    9. Alex L. Loeb, Nicholas J. Izzo Jr., Randolph M. Johnson, James C. Garrison, Michael J. Peach
      Pages 205-210
    10. Perry J. F. Cleland, Erik A. Richter, Stephen Rattigan, Eric Q. Colquhoun, Michael G. Clark
      Pages 211-219
    11. John N. Fain, Michael A. Wallace, Richard J. H. Wojcikiewicz, Dejan Bojanic
      Pages 221-230
    12. Yukio Okano, Shigeru Nakashima, Toyohiko Tohmatsu, Kouji Yamada, Koh-Ichi Nagata, Yoshinori Nozawa
      Pages 231-236
  4. Cell Proliferation and Differentiation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 237-237
    2. R. W. Tucker, K. Meade-Cobun, H. Loats
      Pages 239-248
    3. Ian G. Macara, George Gray, James Gaut, Anna Coco, Theresa Wingrove, Donna Faletto et al.
      Pages 249-254
    4. Terry W. Moody, Anne N. Murphy, Samira Mahmoud, Gary Fiskum
      Pages 265-272
    5. Alton L. Boynton, Jean Zwiller, Timothy D. Hill, Thomas Nilsson, Per Arkhammer, Per-Olof Berggren
      Pages 273-282
    6. Sergio Grinstein, Stephen Macdougall, Roy K. Cheung, Erwin W. Gelfand
      Pages 283-291
    7. Anthony F. Cutry, Alan J. Kinniburgh, Kirk J. Leister, C. E. Wenner
      Pages 293-303
  5. Regulation of Metabolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 323-323
    2. James G. McCormack, Richard M. Denton
      Pages 325-330
    3. Richard G. Hansford, Rafael Moreno-Sánchez, James M. Staddon
      Pages 331-341
    4. Anna Sterniczuk, Stan Hreniuk, Russell Scaduto Jr., Kathryn F. LaNoue
      Pages 351-360
    5. Rory A. Fisher, Mark E. Steinhelper, Merle S. Olson
      Pages 361-368
    6. Barbara E. Corkey, Keith Tornheim, Jude T. Deeney, M. Clay Glennon, Janice C. Parker, Franz M. Matschinsky et al.
      Pages 369-377
    7. Jay M. McDonald, Joseph P. Laurino, Jerry Colca
      Pages 379-385
    8. Becky M. Vonakis, Jack Y. Vanderhoek
      Pages 387-396
    9. Gundu H. R. Rao, Jonathan M. Gerrard, Isaac Cohen, Carl J. Witkop Jr., James G. White
      Pages 411-425
    10. Gwyneth De Vries, John R. McDonald, Michael P. Walsh
      Pages 427-437

About this book


A widespread appreciation for the role that calcium plays in cell physiology and patho­ physiology has now been achieved due to the pioneering studies of many of the scientists who attended the VIIth International Spring Symposium on Health Sciences at George Washington University in Washington, D. C. The participants in this unique meeting rep­ resented diverse fields of basic and clinical research, such as molecular physiology, oncology, molecular genetics, cardiology, bioenergetics, pathology, and endocrinology. The content of the proceedings of the symposium represents work in these and other areas of biomedical research. Organization of the book is aimed at striking a balance between the biochemistry 2 and physiology of normal cell Ca + metabolism and the pathological consequences of al­ 2 terations in cell Ca + homeostasis. The first section of the book is devoted to the transport mechanisms responsible for 2 2 regulating intracellular Ca + and the pharmacological modalities for controlling cell Ca + . Particular attention is given to the molecular basis for plasma membrane transport activities, 2 2 including the ATP-driven Ca + pump, the Na + -Ca + exchange system, and voltage sensitive 2 Ca + channels. The second section covers the exciting relationships between phosphoinositide metab­ 2 olism, signal transduction, and cell Ca + metabolism. This section begins with an eloquent overview by Professor Michael Berridge, who was the keynote speaker at the symposium and the recipient of the scientific merit award.


ATP Calcium biochemistry chemistry clinical research endocrinology genetics membrane membrane transport metabolism molecular genetics physiology research signal transduction

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