Histophysiology of the Immune System

The Life History, Organization, and Interactions of Its Cell Populations

  • Sigbjørn Fossum
  • Bent Rolstad

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 237)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Symposium on Surface Molecules in Leukocyte Interactions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. A. Neil Barclay, David I. Jackson, Anthony C. Willis, Alan F. Williams
      Pages 3-7
    3. P. Brandtzaeg, D. Kvale, L. M. Sollid, P. S. Thrane
      Pages 9-20
    4. Sirpa Jalkanen, Robert Bargatze, Markku Jalkanen, David Lewinsohn, Philip Streeter, Ellen Lakey et al.
      Pages 21-29
    5. Ralph M. Steinman, Kayo Inaba
      Pages 31-41
  3. 9th Germinal Centre Conference

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 43-43
    2. Bone Marrow, B-Cell Differentiation and the B-Cell System

      1. D. G. Osmond, K. Jacobsen, Y-H. Park, L. Lamontagne
        Pages 45-51
      2. Mirjam Hermans, Hans Hartsuiker, Davine Opstelten
        Pages 53-56
      3. Helen C. Ramm, Kathy Mitrangas, Trevor J. Wilson, Richard L. Boyd, Harry A. Ward
        Pages 69-74
      4. T. J. Wilson, K. Mitrangas, H. C. Ramm, R. L. Boyd, H. A. Ward
        Pages 75-80
      5. J. E. Lortan, S. Oldfield, C. A. Roobottom, I. C. M. MacLennan
        Pages 87-92
      6. Susan Oldfield, Liu Yong-Jun, Martin Beaman, C. M. MacLennan
        Pages 93-98
      7. S. Oldfield, J. E. Lortan, M. A. J. Hyatt, I. C. M. MacLennan
        Pages 99-104
      8. Liu Yong-Jun, Jennifer E. Lortan, Susan Oldfield, Ian C. M. MacLennan
        Pages 105-111
      9. Liu Yong-Jun, Susan Oldfield, Ian C. M. MacLennan
        Pages 113-117
      10. F. Caligaris-Cappio, L. Bergui, L. Tesio, M. Riva, M. Schena, G. Corbascio et al.
        Pages 133-137
      11. D. B. Jones, K. Moore, D. H. Wright
        Pages 139-144
      12. Jennifer L. Lasky, G. Jeanette Thorbecke
        Pages 145-153
    3. The Role of Follicular Dendritic Cells and Germinal Centers in Immune Reaction

      1. Kazuo Terashma, Katsuaki Ukai, Katsushi Tajima, Fumiaki Yuda, Yutaka Imai
        Pages 157-163
      2. N. Cormann, E. Heinen, C. Kinet-Denoel, R. Tsunoda, L. J. Simar
        Pages 171-175
      3. R. Tsunoda, N. Cormann, E. Heinen, F. Lesage, C. Kinet-Denoel, L. J. Simar
        Pages 177-180
      4. E. Heinen, M. Braun, E. Louis, N. Cormann, R. Tsunoda, C. Kinet-Denoel et al.
        Pages 181-184
      5. T. S. Halstensen, T. E. Mollnes, P. Garred, P. Brandtzaeg
        Pages 185-189
      6. E. W. A. Kamperdijk, E. A. Döpp, C. D. Dijkstra
        Pages 191-196
      7. A. N. Brown, H. N. A. Willcox
        Pages 227-232
      8. H. G. Seijen, J. C. A. M. Bun, A. S. Wubbena, K. G. Löhlefink
        Pages 233-237
      9. R. H. Vonderheide, S. V. Hunt
        Pages 239-243
      10. Frans G. M. Kroese, Auk S. Wubbena, Hendrik G. Seijen, Paul Nieuwenhuis
        Pages 245-250
    4. Thymus, T-Cell Differentiation and the T-Cell System

      1. Marion D. Kendall, A. Al-Shawaf, S. A. A. Zaidi
        Pages 255-261
      2. R. L. Boyd, D. J. Izon, D. I. Godfrey, T. J. Wilson, H. A. Ward, C. L. Tuček
        Pages 263-268
      3. D. I. Godfrey, D. J. Izon, T. J. Wilson, C. L. Tuček, R. L. Boyd
        Pages 269-275
      4. Adrian M. Duijvestijn, Malgorzata B. Murawska, Boelo Meedendorp, Flip A. Klatter, Jaap Kampinga, Paul Nieuwenhuis
        Pages 277-283
      5. Henk-Jan Schuurman, Frans J. Tielen, Lennard M. B. Vaessen, Joseph G. Vos, Jan Rozing
        Pages 285-292
      6. S. Cohen-Kaminsky, S. Berrih-Aknin
        Pages 299-305
      7. Malgorzata B. Murawska, Adrian M. Duijvestijn, Jaap Kampinga, Auk S. Wubbena, Paul Nieuwenhuis
        Pages 315-321

About this book


The 9th International Conference on Lymphatic Tissues and Germinal Centres in Immune Reactions was held in Oslo, 9-14 August, 1987. These conferen­ ces, by the regular devotees just referred to as the germinal centre con­ ferences or GCC, have been held regularly at roughly three-year intervals since 1966. The credo of these conferences is "in vivo veritas", signifying that investigating components, like molecules and cells, only gives partial truth. The components must ultimately be explored in their natural con­ text, to see how they interact with other parts and are integrated to a whole. To the biologist it is obvious that the world must be investigated at many different levels of organization. At each level the patterns observed represent just some of many possible ways of putting together the elements of the lower levels. These patterns are not predetermined, but the results of evolution, i.e. of a history in which stochastic processes play a major role. The organic world can therefore not be torn apart and then reconstructed from basic principles alone. This realization is often expressed as the whole being more than the sum of its parts.


HIV Thymus antigen presentation bone cells endothelium erythrocyte immune system immunoglobulin infection interferon leukocyte physiology tissue transplantation

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