Uncertainty in Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Decision Making

  • Vincent T. Covello
  • Lester B. Lave
  • Alan Moghissi
  • V. R. R. Uppuluri

Part of the Advances in Risk Analysis book series (AIRA, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Uncertainty and Risk Assessment: Perspectives From the Social, Behavioral and Policy Sciences

    1. Kazuhiko Kawamura, Mark Boroush, Saburo Ikeda, Paul Finger Lynes, Michael Minor
      Pages 53-61
    2. Hans Bohnenblust, Thomas Schneider
      Pages 71-87
    3. William B. Fairley, Michael B. Meyer, Paul L. Chernick
      Pages 89-102
    4. George Oliver Rogers
      Pages 103-116
    5. D. S. Mileti
      Pages 123-128
    6. C. H. Green, E. C. Penning-Rowsell, D. J. Parker
      Pages 159-176
    7. Rex V. Brown, Jacob W. Ulvila
      Pages 177-187
    8. Joshua Menkes, Lester B. Lave
      Pages 213-220
  3. Uncertainty and Risk Assessment: Perspective from the Environmental and Health Sciences

    1. Ruey S. Lin, Patricia C. Dischinger, Katherine Farrell
      Pages 251-264
    2. C. Richard Cothern, William A. Coniglio, William L. Marcus
      Pages 265-285
    3. G. G. Killough, D. C. Dunning Jr.
      Pages 287-303
    4. David I. Brandwein, Brian L. Murphy, Bruce D. Cowen, Mark S. Halvorsen, William W. Beck Jr., Harold C. Elston Jr.
      Pages 305-318
    5. R. C. Ward, D. C. Kocher, B. B. Hicks, R. P. Hosker Jr., J.-Y. Ku, K. S. Rao
      Pages 319-323
  4. Uncertainty and Risk Assessment: Perspectives from Engineering and Statistics

    1. J. J. Buckley, V. R. R. Uppuluri
      Pages 389-401
    2. B. John Garrick
      Pages 421-433
    3. R. N. M. Hunt, M. Modarres
      Pages 435-443
    4. M. E. Paté-Cornell, C. Pe Benito-Claudio
      Pages 457-468
    5. J. S. Arendt, D. J. Campbell, M. L. Casada, D. K. Lorenzo
      Pages 491-509
    6. P. Hubert, P. Pages
      Pages 523-535
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 537-538

About this book


The subject of this volume--uncertainties in risk assessment and management--reflects an important theme in health, safety, and environ­ mental decision making. MOst technological hazards are characterized by substantial uncertainty. Recent examples include nuclear waste disposal, acid rain, asbestos in schools, carcinogens in food, and hazardous waste. realing with such uncertainty is arguably the most difficult and challeng­ ing task facing risk assessors and managers today. Four primary sources of uncertainty in risk assessment and management can be identified: (1) uncertainties about definitions; (2) uncertainties about scientific facts; (3) uncertainties about risk perceptions and atti­ tudes; and (4) uncertainties about values. Uncertainties about definitions derive primarily from disagreements about the meaning and interpretation of key concepts, such as probability. Uncertainties about scientific facts derive primarily from disagreements about failure modes, the probability and magnitude of adverse health or environmental consequences, cause and effect relationships, dose-response relationships, and exposure patterns. Uncertainties about risk perceptions and attitudes derive primarily from disagreements about what constitutes a significant or acceptable level of risk. Uncertainties about values derive primarily from disagreements about the desirability or worth of alternative risk management actions or conse­ quences. The papers in this volume address each of these sources of uncertainty from a variety of perspectives. Reflecting the broad scope of risk assess­ ment and risk management research, the papers include contributions from safety engineers, epidemiologists, toxicologists, chemists, biostatisticians, biologists, decision analysts, economists, psychologists, political scien­ tists, sociologists, ethicists, and lawyers.


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