Kinins IV

Part A Proceedings of the Fourth International Kinin Congress, held October 21–25, 1984, in Savannah, Georgia

  • Lowell M. Greenbaum
  • Harry S. Margolius

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 198A)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Tissue Kininogenases

    1. Hector Nolly, A. Guillermo Scicli, Gloria Scicli, M. Cristina Lama, Ana M. Guercio, Oscar A. Carretero
      Pages 11-17
    2. Hiroshi Moriya, Masahiko Ikekita, Kazuyuki Kizuki
      Pages 35-40
    3. I. J. Zeitlin, H. A. R. Al-Dhahir, S. Cook, A. Currie, K. Donovan
      Pages 47-53
  3. Kininogens

    1. Lowell M. Greenbaum
      Pages 55-59
    2. A. Barlas, H. Okamoto, L. M. Greenbaum
      Pages 61-68
    3. Hiroshi Okamoto, Lowell M. Greenbaum
      Pages 69-75
    4. Sachiko Oh-ishi, Izumi Hayashi, Takekazu Ino, Hisao Kato, Sadaaki Iwanaga, Takeshi Nakano
      Pages 77-84
    5. Josef Kellermann, Friedrich Lottspeich, Agnes Henschen, Werner Müller-Esterl
      Pages 85-89
    6. Friedrich Lottspeich, Josef Kellermann, Agnes Henschen, Günther Rauth, Werner Müller-Esterl
      Pages 91-95
    7. Werner Müller-Esterl, Hans Hock, Günther Rauth, Josef Kellermann, Friedrich Lottspeich, Agnes Henschen
      Pages 97-103
    8. Lawrence B. Schwartz, Manfred Maier, Jocelyn Spragg
      Pages 105-111
    9. Gurrinder S. Bedi, Nathan Back
      Pages 127-135
    10. J. P. Girolami, F. Alhenc-Gelas, M. L. Dos Reis, J. L. Bascands, J. M. Suc, P. Corvol et al.
      Pages 137-145
    11. Tytti Kärkkäinen, Ann-Christine Syvänen, Ulla Hamberg
      Pages 155-160
    12. Ulla Hamberg, Tytti Kärkkäinen, Thomas Tallberg
      Pages 161-166
    13. Tytti Kärkkäinen, Ulla Hamberg
      Pages 167-172
  4. Tissue Kallikreins, Kinins, and Kininases

    1. Julie Chao, Lee Chao, Cheryl M. Woodley, William Gerald, Harry S. Margolius
      Pages 181-187
    2. Alan D. Cardin, Richard L. Jackson, Virginia H Donaldson, Julie Chao, Harry S. Margolius
      Pages 195-202
    3. A. W. Cuthbert, L. J. MacVinish
      Pages 203-210
    4. Hiroyuki Fujimori, Peter R. Levison, Melville Schachter
      Pages 211-218
    5. Durval Borges, Claudio Sampaio, Pedro de la Llosa, José Leal Prado
      Pages 229-233
    6. Durval R. Borges, Maria Kouyoumdjian, Eline S. Prado, José Leal Prado
      Pages 235-239
    7. Eline S. Prado, Luis Juliano, Mariana S. Araújo-Viel, Maria A. Juliano
      Pages 241-246
    8. Subir R. Maitra, Sara F. Rabito, Oscar A. Carretero
      Pages 247-254
    9. Shinji Seto, Sara F. Rabito, Subir R. Maitra, Jonathan N. Wu, Oscar A. Carretero
      Pages 255-263
    10. William H. Beierwaltes, Oscar A. Carretero
      Pages 265-272
    11. Arnold Röckel, Adolf Preissler, August Heidland
      Pages 273-277
    12. O. L. Catanzaro, S. B. Vila, A. Zuccolo, A. M. Seeber
      Pages 279-282
    13. Franz Fiedler, Heide Hinz, Friedrich Lottspeich
      Pages 283-289
    14. Edwin Fink, Wolf-Bernhard Schill, Franz Fiedler, Kazuaki Shimamoto, Franz Krassnigg, Julian Frick
      Pages 291-297
    15. Setsuro Fujii, Yuji Hitomi, Kenjiro Kimura, Masao Ishii, Masateru Kurumi, Takuo Aoyama
      Pages 299-308
    16. Hideki Koh, Kagehiro Uchida, Seiki Nambu, Masao Ikeda
      Pages 315-321
    17. A. A. Jaffa, M. Hussain, Z. Rashid, G. S. Bailey
      Pages 323-327
    18. Kazuyuki Kizuki, Yuuji Shimamoto, Masahiko Ikekita, Hiroshi Moriya
      Pages 329-337
    19. Mansanori Takaoka, Hirofumi Okamura, Takahiro Iwamoto, Shiro Morimoto
      Pages 339-345
    20. Namir Lâuar, Kanti Bhoola
      Pages 347-354
    21. Kodo Ito, Kenichi Yamada, Setsuko Yoshida, Keiji Hasunuma, Yasushi Tamura, Sho Yoshida
      Pages 361-365

About this book


Scientists from 25 countries came together at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on October 21-25, 1984, for the 4th International Kinin Congress in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. Many of the delegates enjoyed southern hospitality for the first time. The friendly city with its streets lined with the Live Oak Tree (symbol of the Congress), the balmy weather, and the excellent facilities of the hotel set the stage for scientific events and exchange that proved so successful. The organ­ ization of the meeting was the result of many hours, days and weeks of effort by many, including from Augusta Drs. James H. Sutherland, John Catravas, William Davis, Jr. , and Hiroshi Okamoto; and from Charleston, SC, Julie Chao, Ronald Mayfield and Donald Miller. Special thanks go to Ms. Cher Cornett of the Department of Medical Illustration at the Medical College of Georgia for her talent in the design of the logo, as well as the graphics of the program and abstracts. We are indeed indebted to Dr. Paul Brucker, Director of the Division of Health Communi­ cations at the Medical College of Georgia, for his considerable aid in spending time with us to arrange the programming format and continuity. Ms. Sandra Usry provided very excellent and devoted secretarial help for several years while the Congress was in the making.


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  • Lowell M. Greenbaum
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  • Harry S. Margolius
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  2. 2.Medical University of South CarolinaCharlestonUSA

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