Spinal Afferent Processing

  • Tony L. Yaksh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Tony L. Yaksh
    Pages 1-18
  3. Richard K. Winkelmann
    Pages 19-57
  4. James N. Campbell, Richard A. Meyer
    Pages 59-81
  5. Virginia S. Seybold
    Pages 117-139
  6. Fernando Cervero
    Pages 197-216
  7. Robert D. Foreman
    Pages 217-242
  8. William D. Willis Jr.
    Pages 243-274
  9. Charles J. Vierck Jr., Joel D. Greenspan, Louis A. Ritz, David C. Yeomans
    Pages 275-329
  10. Ronald Dubner, M. Catherine Bushnell, Gary H. Duncan
    Pages 331-344
  11. Paul E. Micevych, Barbara E. Rodin, Lawrence Kruger
    Pages 417-443
  12. Daniel Le Bars, Anthony H. Dickenson, Jean Marie Besson, Luis Villanueva
    Pages 467-504
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 541-550

About this book


Some 29 scientists from the fields of neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neu­ rophysiology, neuropharmacology, and behavior have contributed their ef­ forts to this testimonial on behalf of the contributions made by Dr. F. W. L. Kerr to science and to those with whom he interacted. The intention of the contributors to this volume was to deal with the manifold advances that pertain to the substrates in spinal cord relating to the processing of sensory infor­ mation, a subject that in one form or another provoked time and again Kerr's native enthusiasm for research. The organization of the book follows a natural course from the peripheral innervation of the somatic and visceral organs (Winkelmann, Chapter 2) to the effective stimuli that activate these fibers and give rise to sensation under normal and pathological conditions (Campbell and Meyer, Chapter 3; Dubner and colleagues, Chapter 13; Dyck, Chapter 14) to the course these afferent systems take to enter the spinal cord (Coggeshall, Chapter 4) and to the organization of the systems through which this afferent information reaches the brain (Willis, Chapter 11; Vierck and colleagues, Chapter 12).


anatomy brain neuroanatomy neurochemistry neuropharmacology physiology spinal cord

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