Techniques in Somatic Cell Genetics

  • Jerry W. Shay

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. W. N. Choy, T. V. Gopalakrishnan, J. W. Littlefield
    Pages 11-21
  3. W. Edward Mercer, Renato Baserga
    Pages 23-34
  4. Thomas H. Norwood, Carol J. Zeigler
    Pages 35-45
  5. George E. Veomett
    Pages 67-79
  6. Jerome M. Eisenstadt, Mary C. Kuhns
    Pages 111-121
  7. Godfrey S. Getz, Kathleen L. Kornafel
    Pages 123-137
  8. Claus-Jens Doersen, Eric J. Stanbridge
    Pages 139-157
  9. Michael L. Ziegler
    Pages 211-219
  10. Andrejs Liepins
    Pages 221-235
  11. Gerd G. Maul, Josef Weibel
    Pages 237-243
  12. Potu N. Rao, Prasad S. Sunkara, Abdullatif A. Al-Bader
    Pages 245-254
  13. Margaret J. Hightower, Joseph J. Lucas
    Pages 255-267
  14. Lamont G. Weide, Mike A. Clark, Jerry W. Shay
    Pages 281-289
  15. R. E. K. Fournier
    Pages 309-327
  16. R. T. Johnson, A. M. Mullinger
    Pages 329-347
  17. Wayne Wray, Elton Stubblefield
    Pages 349-373
  18. O. Wesley McBride
    Pages 375-383
  19. Martin C. Rechsteiner
    Pages 385-398
  20. Robert M. Straubinger, Demetrios Papahadjopoulos
    Pages 399-413
  21. Arthur P. Bollon, Saul J. Silverstein
    Pages 415-428
  22. Alban Linnenbach, Carlo M. Croce
    Pages 429-447
  23. A. Graessmann, M. Graessmann
    Pages 463-470
  24. Horst Binding, Reinhard Nehls
    Pages 471-492
  25. Vaithilingam G. Dev, Ramana Tantravahi
    Pages 493-511
  26. Stephen J. O’Brien, Janice M. Simonson, Mary Eichelberger
    Pages 513-524
  27. Doris L. Slate, Frank H. Ruddle
    Pages 525-529
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 531-541

About this book


Somatic cell genetics is an exciting and rapidly expanding field of research. Since descriptions of the major experimental techniques in the field are scattered throughout various journals and other publications, there is a real need for a single reference source for both established investigators and students in the field. In addition, technical reports are frequently abridged such that many researchers are discouraged from attempting to adopt the appropriate methodology. This book, therefore, describes in detail the many recent technical advances in such areas of somatic cell genetics as transfer mediated by liposomes, erythrocyte ghosts, chromosomes, micro cells, mito­ chondria, and isolated nuclear DNA. These techniques have increased our understanding of the organization and regulation of eukaryotic cells. The production of antibiotic-resistant cell lines and their use in studying cytoplasmic inheritance are also included. Evidence for the cytoplasmic regulation of nuclear gene expression in eukaryotic cells is rapidly accumu­ lating following the characterization of cytoplasmic mutations. The produc­ tion of nuclear-coded mutations, their use in standard cell hybridization, and recent advances in techniques for fusing whole cells or cell components are also described.


DNA chromosome gene expression genetics hybridization

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