Experimental Neurochemistry

  • Abel Lajtha

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. James K. Wamsley, Jose M. Palacios
    Pages 27-51
  3. Ernest J. Peck Jr., Katrina L. Kelner
    Pages 53-75
  4. Robert H. Lenox, G. Jean Kant, James L. Meyerhoff
    Pages 77-102
  5. Stephen R. Philips
    Pages 103-132
  6. Jørgen Clausen
    Pages 163-181
  7. N. M. van Gelder
    Pages 183-206
  8. A. Lowenthal, N. Chamoles, K. Adriaenssens, R. Humbel
    Pages 207-223
  9. Nicole Baumann, François Lachapelle
    Pages 253-279
  10. David D. Gilboe
    Pages 301-330
  11. Jonathan D. Brodie, Nora Volkow, John Rotrosen
    Pages 331-347
  12. Ronald T. Coutts, Glen B. Baker
    Pages 429-448
  13. Stanley Stein
    Pages 449-468
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 469-475

About this book


The second volume of the Handbook does not parallel any volume of the first edition; it is one more sign, or reflection, of the expansion of the field. By emphasizing the experimental approach, it illustrates the tools that have re­ cently become available for investigating the nervous system. Also, perhaps even more than other volumes, it illustrates the multidisciplinary nature of the field, requiring multidisciplinary methodology. It is now recognized that the availability of methodology is often the rate-limiting determinant of studies and that improvements or innovations in instrumentation can open up new avenues. A new improved method, although opening up new possibilities and being crucial to making advances, is only a tool whose use will determine its use­ fulness. If we do not recognize its possibilities, its use will be limited; if we do not recognize its limitations, it will mislead us. It is the possibilities and limitations and the results obtained that are illustrated here.


CNS Nervous System PET brain cell enzyme genes neurochemistry neuroscience positron emission tomography (PET) protein

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