Cell and Muscle Motility

Volume 2

  • Robert M. Dowben
  • Jerry W. Shay

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Robert Pollack, Nancy Nicholson, David Alcorta, Michael Verderame, Katy Smith, Bettie Steinberg
    Pages 1-13
  3. Thomas D. Pollard, Ueli Aebi, John A. Cooper, Marshall Elzinga, Walter E. Fowler, Linda M. Griffith et al.
    Pages 15-44
  4. Jim Jung-Ching Lin, Keith Burridge, Stephen H. Blose, Anne Bushnell, Sharon A. Queally, James R. Feramisco
    Pages 63-71
  5. George Perry, B. R. Brinkley, Joseph Bryan
    Pages 73-84
  6. M. A. Goldstein, J. Cartwright Jr.
    Pages 85-92
  7. Arthur P. Bollon, Rhonda R. Porterfield, John W. Fuseler, Jerry W. Shay
    Pages 93-101
  8. John W. Fuseler, Barry S. Eckert, Stephen J. Koons, Jerry W. Shay
    Pages 103-119
  9. Jerry W. Shay, John W. Fuseler, Ursula Neudeck, Gay Lorkowski, Marguerite Stauver, Howard Feit
    Pages 121-140
  10. Dixie W. Frederiksen
    Pages 239-243
  11. James D. Potter, Michael J. Holroyde, Steven P. Robertson, R. John Solaro, Evangelia G. Kranias, J. David Johnson
    Pages 245-255
  12. Robert A. Mendelson
    Pages 257-278
  13. Stephen C. Harvey, Herbert C. Cheung
    Pages 279-302
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 303-310

About this book


The contributions to this volume were presented at a Symposium entitled "Current Topics in Muscle and Nonmuscle Motility" held in Dallas 19-21 November 1980 under the auspices of the A. Webb Roberts Center for Con­ tinuing Education, Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, and the Univer­ sity of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas. This very useful opportunity for a group of active investigators in motility to meet and discuss their latest findings was made possible in part by the income from an endowment fund established by a generous gift from Dr. Albert P. D'Errico in the Baylor University Medical Center. Dr. D'Errico was the first formally-trained neurosurgeon to practice in the Dallas area, the first Chief of Neurological Surgery, and a member of the Medical Board of the Baylor University Medi­ cal Center Dallas (1947 -1964). The income from this fund is used to promote the dissemination of up-to-date information in the Neurosciences, to provide intellectual stimulation, to add to the fund of knowledge, and improve the skills of neurosurgeons, neurologists, internists, and others in specialized fields of medicine. We are all indebted for this generous gift that made this enriching educational experience possible. We are also grateful for support the Symposium received from Electron Microscopy Sciences, Forma Scien­ tific, J. E. O. L. USA, Inc. , Ladd Research Industries, M. J. O. Diatome Co. , Or­ ganon Co. , Upjohn Co. , G. D. Searle & Co. , and Smith, Kline and French. Robert M.


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