Molecular Biology, Pathogenicity, and Ecology of Bacterial Plasmids

  • Stuart B. Levy
  • Royston C. Clowes
  • Ellen L. Koenig

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Epidemiology and Ecology of Bacterial Plasmids

  3. Pathogenicity: Mechanisms and Contributing Factors

    1. Stanley Falkow
      Pages 91-100
    2. J. D. A. van Embden, F. K. de Graaf, F. R. Mooi, W. Gaastra, I. G. W. Bijlsma
      Pages 101-109
    3. Dennis J. Kopecko, Philippe J. Sansonetti, Louis S. Baron, Samuel B. Formal
      Pages 111-121
    4. Peter H. Williams, Philip J. Warner
      Pages 123-132
    5. Kenneth N. Timmis, Paul A. Manning, Christine Echarti, Joan K. Timmis, Albrecht Moll
      Pages 133-144
  4. Mechanisms of Resistance

    1. Julian E. Davies
      Pages 145-156
    2. D. Dubnau, G. Grandi, R. Grandi, T. J. Gryczan, J. Hahn, Y. Kozloff et al.
      Pages 157-167
    3. Bengtåke Jaurin, Thomas Grundström, Sven Bergström, Staffan Normark
      Pages 169-178
  5. Transfer and Mobilization of Plasmids

  6. Plasmid Replication, Maintenance and Incompatibility

    1. Avigdor Shafferman, David M. Stalker, Aslihan Tolun, Roberto Kolter, Donald R. Helinski
      Pages 259-270
    2. Robert H. Pritchard, Norman B. Grover
      Pages 271-278
    3. Karen Armstrong, Jonathan Rosen, Thomas Ryder, Eiichi Ohtsubo, Hisako Ohtsubo
      Pages 279-289
    4. Kurt Nordström, Søren Molin, Helle Aagaard-Hansen
      Pages 291-301
    5. Robert H. Rownd, Alan M. Easton, Padmini Sampathkumar
      Pages 303-315
    6. Bruce Kline, Ralph Seelke, John Trawick
      Pages 317-325
    7. Rudolf Eichenlaub, Hermann Wehlmann, Jürgen Ebbers
      Pages 327-336
    8. Barry Polisky, Mark Muesing, Joseph Tamm
      Pages 337-348
  7. Transposition and Genetic Rearrangements

    1. C. J. Muster, L. A. MacHattie, J. A. Shapiro
      Pages 349-358
    2. Rüdiger Schmitt, Josef Altenbuchner, John Grinsted
      Pages 359-370
    3. W. S. Reznikoff, S. J. Rothstein, R. A. Jorgensen, R. C. Johnson, J. C. P. Yin
      Pages 371-380
    4. Douglas E. Berg, Chihiro Sasakawa, Bernard J. Hirschel, Lorraine Johnsrud, Lyn McDivitt, Carol Egner et al.
      Pages 381-390
    5. Masanosuke Yoshikawa, Chihiro Sasakawa, Yuko Uno
      Pages 391-400
    6. J. Leemans, D. Inzé, R. Villarroel, G. Engler, J. P. Hernalsteens, M. De Block et al.
      Pages 401-409
  8. Medical, Public Health and Industrial Applications of Plasmids

    1. Karen Talmadge, Walter Gilbert
      Pages 411-419
    2. Gerhard Gross, Ulrich Mayr, Frank Grossveld, Henrik M. Dahl, Richard A. Flavell, John Collins
      Pages 429-438
    3. Peter T. Barth, Lyn Tobin, Geoffrey S. Sharpe
      Pages 439-448
    4. Bernard P. Sagik, Charles A. Sorber, Barbara E. Moore
      Pages 449-460
    5. R. Marrero, F. A. Chiafari, P. S. Lovett
      Pages 461-466
    6. E. W. Nester, D. J. Garfinkel, S. B. Gelvin, A. L. Montoya, M. P. Gordon
      Pages 467-476
    7. M. Van Montagu, J. Schell, M. Holsters, H. De Greve, J. Leemans, J. P. Hernalsteens et al.
      Pages 477-486
    8. A. W. B. Johnston, G. Hombrecher, N. J. Brewin
      Pages 487-497
    9. I. C. Gunsalus, K.-M. Yen
      Pages 499-509
    10. Paul Broda, Robert Downing, Philip Lehrbach, Ian McGregor, Pierre Meulien
      Pages 511-517

About this book


This book resulted from presentations at an international conference on bacterial p1asmids held January 5-9, 1981 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This was the first meeting of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The meeting place was selected for its relaxed and comfortable climate, conducive to interactions among participants. More importantly the locale facilitated the participation of nearby Latin American clinical and research scientists who deal directly with the health manifestations of pathogenic p1asmids. Diseases and socio-economic practices of developing countries exist in the Dominican Republic whose scientific community could directly benefit from having the meeting there. The book includes the talks as well as extended abstracts of poster presentations from the meeting. This combination, which provides readers with reviews as well as recent findings, captures the full scientific exchange which took place during the 5-day meeting. As one indication of pathogenicity related to p1asmids, the conferees were surveyed for gastro-intestina1 problems during and after their stay in the Dominican Republic. The results are summarized at the end of this book.


biology climate ecology molecular biology

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  • Stuart B. Levy
    • 1
  • Royston C. Clowes
    • 2
  • Ellen L. Koenig
    • 3
  1. 1.Tufts University School of MedicineBostonUSA
  2. 2.The University of Texas at DallasRichardsonUSA
  3. 3.Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez UrenaSanto DomingoDominican Republic

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