Optical Bistability

  • Charles M. Bowden
  • Mikael Ciftan
  • Hermann R. Robl

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. R. Bonifacio, M. Gronchi, L. A. Lugiato
    Pages 31-50
  3. D. F. Walls, P. D. Drummond, K. J. McNeil
    Pages 51-83
  4. G. S. Agarwal, S. R. Shenoy
    Pages 85-92
  5. W. J. Sandle, R. J. Ballagh, A. Gallagher
    Pages 93-108
  6. H. M. Gibbs, S. L. McCall, T. N. C. Venkatesan, A. Passner, A. C. Gossard, W. Wiegmann
    Pages 109-114
  7. D. A. B. Miller, S. D. Smith, C. T. Seaton
    Pages 115-126
  8. L. Mandel, Rajarshi Roy, Surendra Singh
    Pages 127-150
  9. E. Arimondo, A. Gozzini, L. Lovitch, E. Pistelli
    Pages 151-171
  10. P. Bösiger, E. Brun, D. Meier
    Pages 173-186
  11. J. A. Goldstone, P.-T. Ho, E. Garmire
    Pages 187-197
  12. G. P. Agrawal, C. Flytzanis
    Pages 221-236
  13. Frederic A. Hopf, Sami A. Shakir
    Pages 281-292
  14. R. Graham, A. Schenzle
    Pages 293-313
  15. J. C. Englund, W. C. Schieve, W. Zurek, R. F. Gragg
    Pages 315-335
  16. J. D. Farina, L. M. Narducci, J. M. Yuan, L. A. Lugiato
    Pages 337-352
  17. I. R. Senitzky, Jan Genossar
    Pages 353-366
  18. P. W. Smith, W. J. Tomlinson
    Pages 463-480
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 557-614

About this book


During the past few decades we have witnessed at least two major innovations in science which have had substantial impact on technology as well as science itself, pervasive enough to modify many facets of our daily lives. We refer, of course, to the tran­ sistor and the laser. It is striking that now with the advent of optical bistability we may have opened the door to another such field, which combines these two aspects (transistor and laser) and has the possibility for important device applications as well as providing a unique window into the as yet not thoroughly explored frontiers of nonequilibrium statistical physics. This has prompted us to organize an international conference on the subject of optical bistability to provide an adequate means for assessing the current state of the art of this important field and to stimulate further significant developments by means of in­ tense technical exchange and interaction among the leading scien­ tists in this subject area.


development laser physics stability statistical physics

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  • Charles M. Bowden
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  • Mikael Ciftan
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  • Hermann R. Robl
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  2. 2.US Army Research OfficeResearch Triangle ParkUSA

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