Hydrocarbons and Halogenated Hydrocarbons in the Aquatic Environment

  • B. K. Afghan
  • D. Mackay
  • H. E. Braun
  • A. S. Y. Chau
  • J. Lawrence
  • D. R. S. Lean
  • O. Meresz
  • J. R. W. Miles
  • R. C. Pierce
  • G. A. V. Rees
  • R. E. White
  • D. M. Whittle
  • D. T. Williams

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 16)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. J. P. Bruce
    Pages 1-8
  3. B. W. de Lappe, R. W. Risebrough, A. M. Springer, T. T. Schmidt, J. C. Shropshire, E. F. Letterman et al.
    Pages 29-68
  4. P. H. Peterman, J. J. Delfino, D. J. Dube, T. A. Gibson, F. J. Priznar
    Pages 145-160
  5. K. W. Lee, R. G. Oldham, G. L. Sellman, L. H. Keith, L. P. Provost, P. H. Lin et al.
    Pages 185-200
  6. M. D. MacKinnon, W. R. Hardstaff, W. D. Jamieson
    Pages 255-263
  7. W. J. Cretney, P. A. Christensen, B. W. McIntyre, B. R. Fowler
    Pages 315-336
  8. D. B. Peakall, G. A. Fox, A. P. Gilman, D. J. Hallett, R. J. Norstrom
    Pages 337-344
  9. W. M. J. Strachan, H. Huneault, W. M. Schertzer, F. C. Elder
    Pages 387-396
  10. Ronald C. C. Wegman, Peter A. Greve
    Pages 405-415
  11. Robert D. Guy, Deoraj R. Narine
    Pages 417-434
  12. James H. Smith, David C. Bomberger
    Pages 445-451
  13. Phanibhushan B. Joshipura, Peter N. Keliher
    Pages 453-460
  14. G. D. Allgeier, R. L. Mullins Jr., D. A. Wilding, J. S. Zogorski, S. A. Hubbs
    Pages 473-490
  15. David T. Williams, Rein Otson, Peter D. Bothwell, Keith L. Murphy, John L. Robertson
    Pages 503-512
  16. D. E. Willis, M. E. Zinck, D. C. Darrow, R. F. Addison
    Pages 531-536
  17. S. Safe, C. Wyndham, A. Parkinson, R. Purdy, A. Crawford
    Pages 537-544
  18. John J. Black, Margaret Holmes, Paul P. Dymerski, William F. Zapisek
    Pages 559-565
  19. T. C. Hutchinson, J. A. Hellebust, D. Tam, D. Mackay, R. A. Mascarenhas, W. Y. Shiu
    Pages 577-586
  20. B. K. Afghan, D. Mackay, H. E. Braun, A. S. Y. Chau, J. Lawrence, D. R. S. Lean et al.
    Pages 589-589
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 587-589

About this book


This volume contains papers selected from those presented at the International Symposium on the Analysis of Hydrocarbons and Halogenated Hydrocarbons in the Aquatic Environment, May 23-25, 1978. The Symposium was organized by the National Water Research Institute of Environment Canada and the Institute for Environmental Studies of the University of Toronto. The purpose of the Symposium and of this volume was to bring together information on the analyses, behaviour and effects of hydro­ carbons and halogenated hydrocarbons on the aquatic environment. This class of contaminants presents many difficult analytical pro­ blems, and to a large extent our ability to identify environmental problems and assess their severity, depends on the availability of proved analytical techniques. By exposing workers in this field to the techniques and results of others we hope that progress can be made towards solving the many problems caused by these substances. The papers in this volume are divided into five categories: two plenary session addresses given by J.P. Bruce and O. Hutzinger, 11 papers describing quantitative analytical results, 12 papers on analytical methods, 9 papers on incidence, monitoring and pathways; and finally, 13 papers on drinking water, health and biological effects. We were fortunate in having the support of the many organizations and individuals listed after this preface. In particular we thank B.F. Scott and R. Knechtel for their help in organizing the Symposium, S. Paterson, C. Straka, B. Reuber, A. Bobra, R. Wan, S. Austin, G.E.


Potential Sediment algae biological biology chemistry environment fish lake pollution

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  • B. K. Afghan
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  • D. Mackay
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  • H. E. Braun
  • A. S. Y. Chau
  • J. Lawrence
  • D. R. S. Lean
  • O. Meresz
  • J. R. W. Miles
  • R. C. Pierce
  • G. A. V. Rees
  • R. E. White
  • D. M. Whittle
  • D. T. Williams
  1. 1.National Water Research InstituteBurlingtonCanada
  2. 2.University of TorontoTorontoCanada

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