Progress in Electrochemistry of Organic Compounds 1

  • A. N. Frumkin
  • A. B. Érshler

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In the Soviet Union, investigations of electrochemical changes in organic substances are being conducted on a comparatively large scale and a large number of specialists are involved. This arises to a large extent from the necessity to solve problems in the applied fields, e.g. in the development of new improved methods for the analysis and synthesis of organic compounds or in the work on fuel cells. The attainment of substantial successes in this field has been linked inseparably with a deeper understanding of the mechanism and kinetics of electrolytic organic reactions and the utilization of modem research methods based on the latest achievements in instrumentation. The theory of organic electrode processes is therefore now developing rapidly. However, the propagation of information on this work has been relatively slow. The Series of reports on Progress in Electrochemistry of Organic Compounds should stimulate systematic treatment and propagation of information in this field of science. It is proposed that each volume of the series will be compiled on the same lines as the book Advances in Electrochemistry of Organic Compounds published by Nauka in 1966. They will form collections of original review articles on the most important aspects of the subject, prepared by competent authorities.


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