Ceramics in Severe Environments

Proceedings of the Sixth University Conference on Ceramic Science North Carolina State University at Raleigh December 7–9, 1970

  • Wurth W. Kriegel
  • Hayne PalmourIII

Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Thermal and Thermochemical Environments

    1. J. L. Bates, C. E. McNeilly, J. J. Rasmussen
      Pages 11-26
    2. H. C. Graham, H. H. Davis, I. A. Kvernes, W. C. Tripp
      Pages 35-48
    3. S. C. Carniglia, W. H. Boyer, J. E. Neely
      Pages 57-88
  3. Thermal Shock Environments

  4. Concentrated Stresses and Severe Mechanical Environments

    1. N. J. Petch
      Pages 185-194
    2. R. W. Rice
      Pages 195-229
    3. J. L. Pentecost, N. Levy Jr., Hayne Palmour III
      Pages 231-244
    4. M. G. Bader, J. E. Bailey, I. Bell
      Pages 245-260
    5. W. J. Ferguson, R. W. Rice
      Pages 261-270
    6. R. Nathan Katz, William A. Brantley
      Pages 271-282
  5. Thermomechanical Environments

    1. Terence G. Langdon, Joseph A. Pask
      Pages 283-296
    2. Terence G. Langdon, Donald R. Cropper, Joseph A. Pask
      Pages 297-313
    3. A. H. Heuer, R. F. Firestone, J. D. Snow, J. Tullis
      Pages 331-340
    4. J. E. Bailey, H. A. Barker
      Pages 341-359
    5. A. H. Clauer, M. S. Seltzer, B. A. Wilcox
      Pages 361-384
    6. S. C. Carniglia
      Pages 387-403
    7. Edwin Ruh
      Pages 404-410
  6. Stress Corrosion and Hydrostatic Stress Environments

    1. Samuel F. Hulbert, Jerome J. Klawitter, Ralph B. Leonard
      Pages 417-434
    2. J. E. Burke, R. H. Doremus, W. B. Hillig, A. M. Turkalo
      Pages 435-444
    3. N. Mizouchi, A. R. Cooper
      Pages 461-476
  7. Electromagnetic and Nuclear Radiation Environments

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 601-610

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