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Sensory Integration

  • R. Bruce Masterton

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. R. Bruce Masterton, K. K. Glendenning
    Pages 1-38
  3. Timothy J. Cunningham, E. Hazel Murphy
    Pages 39-71
  4. Robert P. Erickson
    Pages 73-90
  5. D. G. Moulton
    Pages 91-117
  6. Michael E. Goldberg, David Lee Robinson
    Pages 119-164
  7. Mark Berkley
    Pages 165-207
  8. Martha Wilson
    Pages 209-247
  9. C. Vierck
    Pages 249-309
  10. Manning J. Correia, Fred E. Guedry Jr.
    Pages 311-351
  11. Fred E. Guedry Jr., Manning J. Correia
    Pages 353-407
  12. Linda M. Bartoshuk
    Pages 503-567
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 569-579

About this book


The principal goal of the Handbook of Behavioral Neurobiology is a systematic, critical, and timely exposition of those aspects of neuroscience that have direct and immediate bearing on overt behavior. In this first volume, subtitled "Sensory Integration," the subject matter has been subdivided and the authors selected with this particular goal in mind. Although the early chapters (on the phylogeny and ontogeny of sensory systems, and on the common properties of sensory systems) are somewhat too abstract to permit many direct behavioral inferences, the focus on behavior has been maintained there too as closely as is now possible. A behavioral orientation is most obvious in the remaining chapters, which layout for each sensory modality in turn what is now known about structure-behavior relationships. The handbook is primarily intended to serve as a ready reference for two types of readers: first, practicing neuroscientists looking for a concise and authori­ tative treatment of developments outside of their particular specialities; and second, students of one or another branch of neuroscience who need an overview of the persistent questions and current problems surrounding the relation of the perceptual systems to behavior. The requirements imposed by the decision to address these particular audiences are reflected in the scope and style of the chapters as well as in their content.


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