The Year in Metabolism 1977

  • Norbert Freinkel

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Stefan S. Fajans
    Pages 33-99
  3. Roger H. Unger
    Pages 101-142
  4. Philip Felig, Veikko Koivisto
    Pages 143-168
  5. Jules Hirsch
    Pages 169-182
  6. DeWitt S. Goodman
    Pages 183-218
  7. Leon E. Rosenberg, Kay Tanaka
    Pages 219-251
  8. J. Edwin Seegmiller
    Pages 253-325
  9. Jack W. Coburn, David L. Hartenbower, Charles R. Kleeman
    Pages 327-377
  10. Myron Winick
    Pages 379-397
  11. Hibbard E. Williams
    Pages 399-409
  12. Charles S. Lieber
    Pages 411-434
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 435-448

About this book


In the words of Disraeli, "To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge. " For most of us, the conscious awareness of relative ignorance is an uncomfortable aspect of daily life. New data appear in such inexorable profusion that the necessity for continuous retooling has joined death and taxes as an inescapable component of our destinies. Perhaps it is this "consciousness of ignorance" that accounts for the success of the preceding volumes of this new series. The Year in Metabolism and The Year in Endocrinology series were introduced with the avowed intention of "providing an efficient and enjoyable bridge between those who are creating new knowledge at the bedside and the professional consciousness of those for whom such knowledge is ultimately intended. " That objective seems particularly appropriate at a time when the award of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology to Guillemin, Schally, and Yalow has served to emphasize the epoch-making advances that have characterized the recent course of endocrinology and me~bolism. For the 1977 volume of The Year in Metabolism, the previous formula has been preserved. The same internationally recognized authorities again have contributed commentaries about the progress in their areas of expertise. They have been joined by Drs. Jack W. Coburn, David L. Hartenbower, and Charles R. Kleeman, who have provided a new section on Divalent Ion Metabolism.


Insulin Secretion Islets Of Langerhans Pancreas amino acid diabetes diabetes mellitus diabetic neuropathy endocrinology epidemiology etiology homeostasis insulin metabolism nutrition treatment

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