Transform Techniques in Chemistry

  • Peter R. Griffiths

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The application of the Fourier transform is being seen to an increasing extent in all branches of chemistry, but it is in the area of chemical analysis that the greatest activity is taking place. Fourier transform infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry are already routine methods for obtaining high-sensitivity IR and NMR spectra. Analogous methods are now being developed for mass spectrometry (Fourier transform ion cyclo­ tron resonance spectrometry) and microwave spectroscopy, and Fourier transform techniques have been successfully applied in several areas of electrochemistry. In addition the fast Fourier transform algorithm has been used for smoothing, interpolation, and more efficient storage of data, and has been studied as a potential method for more efficient identification of samples using pattern recognition techniques. Linear transforms have also been shown to be useful in analytical chemistry. Probably the most important of these is the Hadamard transform, which has been applied in alternative methods for obtaining IR and NMR data at high sensitivity. Even though measurements involving this algorithm will probably not be applied as universally as their Fourier transform ana­ logs, in the area of pattern recognition application of the Hadamard trans­ form will in all probability prove more important than application of the Fourier transform.


analytical chemistry chemical analysis electrochemistry spectroscopy

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