Handbook of Turbulence

Volume 1 Fundamentals and Applications

  • Walter Frost
  • Trevor H. Moulden

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Trevor H. Moulden, Walter Frost, Albert H. Garner
    Pages 1-22
  3. Trevor H. Moulden
    Pages 23-51
  4. Walter Frost, Jürgen Bitte
    Pages 53-83
  5. Walter Frost
    Pages 85-125
  6. R. Betchov
    Pages 147-164
  7. P. T. Harsha
    Pages 187-235
  8. W. S. Lewellen
    Pages 237-280
  9. S. A. Orszag
    Pages 281-313
  10. William C. Cliff
    Pages 403-432
  11. G. H. Fichtl, Morris Perlmutter, Walter Frost
    Pages 433-473
  12. R. C. Elstner
    Pages 475-482
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 483-498

About this book


Turbulence takes place in practically all flow situations that occur naturally or in modern technological systems. Therefore, considerable effort is being expended in an attempt to understand this very complex physical phenome­ non and to develop both empirical and mathematical models for its description. Such numerical and analytical computational schemes would allow the reliable prediction and design of turbulent flow processes to be carried out. The purpose of this book is to bring together, in a usable form, some of the fundamental concepts of turbulence along with turbulence models and experimental techniques. It is hoped that these have "general applicability" in current engineering design. The phrase "general applicabil­ ity" is highlighted because the theory of turbulence is still so much in a formative stage that completely general analyses are not available now, nor will they be available in the immediate future. The concepts and models described herein represent the state-of-the­ art methods that are now being used to give answers to turbulent flow problems. As in all turbulent flow analysis, the methods are a blend of analytical and empirical input, and the reader should be cognizant of the simplification and restrictions imposed upon the methods when applyingthem to physical situations different from those for which they have been developed.


design engine engineering design flow flow analysis future platform simulation turbulence turbulent flow

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