Mechanism and Regulation of DNA Replication

  • Alan R. Kolber
  • Masamichi Kohiyama

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Chromosome Replication in Procaryotes

    1. Enzymatic Aspects of Chromosome Replication in E. coli

      1. Thomas Kornberg, Malcolm L. Gefter, Ian J. Molineux
        Pages 1-12
      2. Arthur Kornberg
        Pages 13-20
      3. F. Bonhoeffer
        Pages 21-22
      4. Antonio G. Siccardi, Andrée Lazdunski, Yukinori Hirota, Bennet M. Shapiro
        Pages 37-46
      5. Vittorio Sgaramella, J. P. Kennedy Jr.
        Pages 55-61
    2. DNA Replication in Bacteriophage and Episomes

      1. Ulrich Hess, Hans-Peter Vosberg, Hildegard Dürwald, Otto Schrecker, Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling
        Pages 71-86
      2. Claus H. Schröder, Hans-Christian Kaerner
        Pages 87-116
      3. Walter L. Staudenbauer, William L. Olsen, Peter Hans Hofschneider
        Pages 117-132
      4. Pamela J. Siegel, Moselio Schaechter
        Pages 149-156
      5. D. J. Sherratt, D. G. Blair, D. B. Clewell, D. R. Helinski
        Pages 175-180
    3. Chromosome Structure and Mode of Replication

      1. Millicent Masters, W. G. McKenna
        Pages 235-240
      2. Tatsuo Matsushita, Aideen O’Sullivan, Kalpana White, Noboru Sueoka
        Pages 241-251
  3. DNA Replication in Eucaryotes

    1. Enzymatic Aspects of DNA Replication

      1. F. J. Bollum, Lucy M. S. Chang
        Pages 253-274
      2. Earl Baril, Betty Baril, Howard Elford, Ronald B. Luftig
        Pages 275-291
      3. J. Mather, Y. Hotta
        Pages 293-297
    2. Mechanism of Chromosome Replication

    3. SV40 and Mitochondrial DNA

      1. Arnold J. Levine, Rudolf Jaenisch, Allen Mayer, Arup Sen, Ronald Hancock
        Pages 339-367
  4. Chromosome Replication and Cell Division

    1. Adam Kepes, Françoise Autissier
      Pages 383-406
    2. Y. Hirota, A. Ryter, M. Ricard, Uli Schwarz
      Pages 407-430
    3. William Donachie
      Pages 431-445
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 447-459

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