Cancer in Childhood

  • John O. Godden

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. John R. Evans
    Pages 1-1
  3. J. M. M. Darte
    Pages 3-3
  4. A. H. Sellers, E. N. MacKay, E. E. McLerie
    Pages 5-20
  5. P. H. Morris Jones
    Pages 21-28
  6. J. F. K. Mancer
    Pages 42-48
  7. Giulio J. D’angio, J. Bruce Beckwith, Harry C. Bishop, Norman Breslow, Audrey E. Evans, Willard E. Goodwin et al.
    Pages 49-54
  8. John O. Godden
    Pages 55-59
  9. Sigmund H. Ein
    Pages 78-82
  10. E. Bruce Hendrick
    Pages 83-84
  11. R. D. T. Jenkin
    Pages 102-107
  12. John O. Godden
    Pages 108-112
  13. J. F. K. Mancer
    Pages 113-127
  14. M. J. Sonley, F. Ghavimi
    Pages 128-138
  15. P. J. Fitzpatrick, W. D. Rider
    Pages 139-156
  16. R. D. T. Jenkin
    Pages 157-165
  17. Sigmund H. Ein, Clinton A. Stephens
    Pages 166-170
  18. Odile Schweisguth
    Pages 171-178
  19. Peter B. Dent
    Pages 179-184
  20. John O. Godden
    Pages 191-198
  21. Jordan R. Wilbur, Martin Mott, Margaret Sullivan, W. W. Sutow
    Pages 204-208
  22. D. P. Burkitt
    Pages 209-213
  23. John O. Godden
    Pages 214-215
  24. Peter J. Middleton
    Pages 225-228
  25. P. C. Fleming
    Pages 229-232
  26. M. H. Freedman
    Pages 233-235
  27. E. Fred Saunders
    Pages 236-239
  28. Back Matter
    Pages 245-249

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Viewed as contributions to continuing medical education, many scientific meetings disappoint because, although program committees plan with care, bring together excellent faculty and expose them to their peers, to other physicians and to house staff. the effect is evanescent. Meetings expend much professional time and public funds to stimulate the relatively few who attend. Hence the dictum "Hold a symposium and reach a few hundred; circulate a proceedings and reach the world. " Despite this dictum, many organizers of scientific meetings shy away from the publication of proceedings. insisting that teachers will not participate if they have to prepare publishable manuscripts and, if they do agree to prepare them, will delay for months or, in some cases, will not come through at all. However, this is often a matter of organization and determination: e. g . . some program chairmen make the payment of expenses and honoraria contingent upon receipt of a publishable manuscript. Cox and his colleagues in Australia went one better: they organized the First International Cancer Conference in Sydney in November 1972 and published a two-volume proceedings ("Melanoma and Skin Cancer" and 'The Nature of Leukemia") before the meetings began. As Dr. Cox notes, "This preprinting of the full papers freed each speaker from the necessity of recounting large quantities of data so that each paper could be opened more rapidly and provocatively and then defended in discussion" (Report of the International Cancer Conference, Med J A list, I: 12-33, June 24, 1972).


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