Coherence and Quantum Optics

Proceedings of the Third Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics held at the University of Rochester, June 21–23, 1972

  • Leonard Mandel
  • Emil Wolf
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Resonant Pulse Propagation I

  3. Quantum Electrodynamics and Alternative Theories I

  4. Coherence Effects in Spontaneous Emission I

    1. R. K. Bullough
      Pages 121-156
    2. R. Friedberg, S. R. Hartmann, Jamal T. Manassah
      Pages 183-186
  5. Coherence I

    1. F. T. Arecchi, E. Courtens, R. Gilmore, H. Thomas
      Pages 191-215
    2. Robert Gilmore
      Pages 217-240
    3. Andrzej Zardecki, Claude Delisle, Jacques Bures
      Pages 259-271
  6. Quantum Electrodynamics and Alternative Theories II

    1. E. C. G. Sudarshan
      Pages 289-299
    2. M. D. Crisp
      Pages 309-317
  7. Light Scattering I

  8. Correlation and Fluctuation Measurements

  9. Light Scattering II

    1. M. Bertolotti, S. Martellucci, F. Scudieri, R. Bartolino
      Pages 449-456
    2. C. J. Oliver, E. R. Pike, J. M. Vaughan
      Pages 457-464
  10. Coherence Effects in Spontaneous Emission II

  11. Coherent Light Interactions

  12. Lasers

    1. C. K. N. Patel
      Pages 567-593
    2. M. Hercher, B. Snavely
      Pages 595-603
  13. Quantum Electrodynamics and Alternative Theories III

About these proceedings


This volume presents the written versions of papers that were delivered at the Third Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, held on the campus of the University of Rochester during the three days of June 21-23, 1972. The Conference was a sequel to two earlier meetings devoted to the same field of modern physics, that were also held in Rochester in 1960 and in 1966. The scope of the Conference was largely confined to basic pro­ blems in the general area of optical coherence and quantum optics, and excluded engineering applications that are well covered by other meetings. Approximately 250 scientists from 9 countries participated, most of whom are active workers in the field. Alto­ gether 72 papers, including 26 invited papers, were presented in 17 sessions. The papers dealt mainly with the subjects of resonant pulse propagation, lasers, quantum electrodynamics and alternative theories, optical coherence, coherence effects in spontaneous emis­ sion, light scattering, optical correlation and fluctuation measure­ ments, coherent light interactions and quantum noise. The program was organized by a committee consisting of N. Bloembergen (Harvard University) J. H. Eberly (University of Rochester) E. L. Hahn (University of California at Berkeley) H. Haken (University of Stuttgart, Germany) M. Lax (City College of New York) B. J. Thompson (University of Rochester) L. Mandel (University of Rochester) }J'oint secretaries E.


coherence dynamics electrodynamics excited atoms modern physics noise optics paper particles physics quantum electrodynamics quantum optics quantum theory scattering

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