Hormones and Brain Function

  • K. Lissák

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-13
  2. Opening Address

    1. D. H. Ford
      Pages 15-15
  3. Max Reiss Memorial Lecture

    1. F. Brambilla
      Pages 17-23
  4. Neonatal and Ontogenetic Aspects of Neuroendocrinology

  5. Control, Biosynthesis and Release of Pituitary Hormones

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 91-91
    2. A. Dupont, E. Bastarache, I. Bernatchez-Lemaire, E. Endrőczi, C. Fortier
      Pages 105-108
    3. Gy. Telegdy
      Pages 109-115
    4. F. Labrie, G. Pelletier, A. Lemay, S. Lemaire, G. Poirier, N. Barden et al.
      Pages 157-182
    5. J. Hilliard, Ch. H. Sawyer
      Pages 183-194
    6. H. Steiner, F. Piva, M. Motta, G. Gavazzi, R. Collu, L. Martini
      Pages 213-218
    7. M. Motta, R. Collu, L. Martini
      Pages 219-223
    8. F. Fraschini, R. Collu, E. E. Müller
      Pages 225-230
    9. F. Piva, O. Schiaffini, M. Motta, L. Martini
      Pages 231-236
  6. Psychopharmacological and Neurochemical Bases of Drug Actions

  7. Hormonal Influences on Brain Functions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 327-327
    2. D. H. Ford, R. K. Rhines
      Pages 329-334
    3. J. P. Schadé, H. van Wilgenburg
      Pages 375-378
    4. B. J. Meyerson, L. Lindström
      Pages 443-448

About this book


The International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology organized its second congress in Budapest between 1 and 3 July, 1971. The sudden death on the 27th of July, 1970, of Professor Max Reiss, the President of the Society, nearly caused a break in the preparation ofthe Congress, but with the invaluable help of Professor Donald H. Ford, Treasurer and Acting President, and Professor Francesca Brambilla, Secretary of the Society, the Organizing Committee surmounted the difficulties. The Organizing Committee of the Congress set out five main topics discussed in five sections by invited lecturers and collective papers by regis­ tered discussants. Technically, the Congress was organized by the Hungarian Physiological Society in cooperation with the Federation of Hungarian Medical Societies in the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Thanks to the generosity of the Medical Section of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences we are able to publish the Pro­ ceedings of the Congress by the Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences jointly with Plenum Press, New York. The Congress was sponsored by the International Society of Psychoneuroendo­ crinology, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Industry, the Factory of Electronic Measuring Instruments, the Upjohn Co., Kalamzoo, Michigan and the Wellcome Research Laboratory, Langley Court, Backenhom, Kent, England. On behalf of the Organizing Committee may I ex­ press our grateful thanks for their generous assistance which, despite many difficulties, made the successful organization of an international congress possible.


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