Spectroscopic Tricks

Volume 2

  • Leopold May

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Emission and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

    1. Charles K. Matocha
      Pages 1-5
    2. H. L. Hayes, W. J. Bisson, W. H. Dennen
      Pages 5-9
    3. Leland R. Crawford Jr., Thomas Greweling
      Pages 9-11
    4. R. A. Woodriff, G. V. Wheeler, W. A. Ryder
      Pages 20-22
    5. R. J. Julietti, J. A. E. Wilkinson
      Pages 29-29
    6. A. W. Fagan, H. M. Klein
      Pages 30-31
    7. W. H. Dennen, W. H. Blackburn
      Pages 31-34
    8. Morris Slavin
      Pages 36-39
    9. C. J. Cremers, E. R. F. Winter
      Pages 48-53
    10. W. H. Dennen
      Pages 56-60
    11. J. H. J. Coetzee, H. J. Jacobs, J. Morris
      Pages 61-67
    12. T. A. Read
      Pages 68-69
    13. H. G. Yuster, R. J. Hemmer
      Pages 78-82
    14. W. R. Kennedy, Robert Norman Smith
      Pages 82-86
    15. H. H. Conover, J. T. Peters, M. Lalevic
      Pages 89-93
    16. J. P. Walters, H. V. Malmstadt
      Pages 95-100
    17. Paul R. Barnett
      Pages 100-106
  3. Infrared Spectroscopy

    1. Harry R. Garner, Herbert Packer
      Pages 109-112
    2. W. B. Barish, G. T. Behnke, K. Nakamoto
      Pages 115-119
    3. T. M. Spittler, Bruno Jaselskis
      Pages 119-122
    4. Dorothy Camer, Marion Martin, Ernestine Medeck
      Pages 130-130
    5. Edward J. Bartoszek, Charles J. Mackley, David M. Gardner
      Pages 131-133
    6. W. G. Fateley, R. E. Witkowski, G. L. Carlson
      Pages 159-163
    7. G. L. Carlson, W. G. Fateley
      Pages 167-172
    8. Tomas Hirschfeld
      Pages 172-175
    9. A. F. Sklensky, J. H. Anderson Jr., K. A. Wickersheim
      Pages 175-184
    10. A. M. Burrill
      Pages 184-188
    11. W. R. Feairheller Jr., H. DuFour
      Pages 188-189

About this book


Spectroscopic Tricks was introduced in 1959 as a special section in the journal Applied Spectroscopy. Its purpose was to provide a means for communicating information on new devices, modifica­ tions of existing apparatuses, and other items of this nature of interest to the working spectroscopist. That it has proved valuable is indicated by the continuing publication of this section now under the title of Spectroscopic Techniques. However, the use­ fulness of these contributions, scattered through the many issues of the journal, diminishes as time passes since the reader must consult the annual indices of many volumes of the journal to find the contri­ bution that may hold the solution to his problem. The collection of the contributions into a single volume for the years 1959 through 1965 made it easier for the reader to make this search. The success of the first volume has prompted the continuation of these collec­ tions. The contributions in this second volume are selected from the the years 1966 through 1969. They are arranged in the same manner as in the previous volume according to the area of spectroscopy. Those concerned with the same devices are placed together so that the reader can compare them readily. To maintain the advantages inherent in a single collection of articles, the subject index for this volume includes all the entries and page references from the original volume. Both author and journal indices are are also provided, the latter citing the original Applied Spectroscopy edition.


Absorption Atom Monochromator NMR Photometer Sorption adsorption fluorescence glass laser scattering semiconductor spectroscopy transmission ultraviolet

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