Marine Natural Products Chemistry

  • D. J. Faulkner
  • W. H. Fenical

Part of the Nato Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. D. John Faulkner, Chris Ireland
    Pages 23-34
  3. Tatsuo Higa, Paul J. Scheuer
    Pages 35-43
  4. Giuseppe Prota, Shosuke Ito, Giovanna Nardi
    Pages 45-59
  5. L. Minale, G. Sodano
    Pages 87-109
  6. C. Djerassi, R. M. K. Carlson, S. Popov, T. H. Varkony
    Pages 111-123
  7. J. Stuart Grossert, Tiw Swee
    Pages 125-132
  8. S. I. Teshima, R. Fleming, J. Gaffney, L. J. Goad
    Pages 133-146
  9. J. Finer, K. Hirotsu, J. Clardy
    Pages 147-158
  10. Bhim C. Maiti, Ronald H. Thomson
    Pages 159-163
  11. Frank J. McEnroe, Kenneth J. Robertson, William Fenical
    Pages 179-189
  12. K.-W. Glombitza
    Pages 191-204
  13. J. J. Sims, J. A. Pettus Jr., R. M. Wing
    Pages 205-209
  14. Jon Eigill Johansen, Synnøve Liaaen-Jensen, Gunner Borch
    Pages 225-237
  15. Synnøve Liaaen-Jensen
    Pages 239-259
  16. Y. Shimizu, M. Alam, Y. Oshima, L. J. Buckley, W. E. Fallon, H. Kasai et al.
    Pages 261-269
  17. G. M. Padilla, Y. S. Kim, M. Westerfield, E. Rauckman, J. W. Moore
    Pages 271-283
  18. L. Beress, R. Beress, G. Wunderer
    Pages 285-291
  19. G. Blunden
    Pages 337-344
  20. Keith R. Brain, D. S. Lines, M. Booth, G. Ansell
    Pages 345-350
  21. J.-P. Ferezou, J. Berreur-Bonnenfant, A. Tekitek, M. Rojas, M. Barbier, M. Suchy et al.
    Pages 361-366
  22. D. J. Tighe-Ford
    Pages 383-402
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 425-433

About this book


This volume contains the lectures presented at the NATO­ sponsored conference on "Marine Natural Products" held in Jersey, Channel Islands, U. K., October 12-17, 1976. The intent of the organising committee was to encourage a dialogue between organic chemists who study the metabolites of marine organisms and biolo­ gists, ecologists, and pharmacologists who study the effects of these metabolites on other organisms. A feature of the conference was the three workshop sessions on chemotaxonomy, applications of marine natural products, and chemical communication. The papers presented at the conference contain a mixture of original research in marine natural products and reviews of some of the more important subjects. The biologists were asked to present papers which could initiate new directions for marine natural products research. Their contributions to the meeting were warmly received by the chemists in the audience. We hope that this volume contains not only past and present research but a suggestion of future research trends. The conference was first suggested by Dr. E. D. Goldberg. The organising committee, Drs. G. Blunden, D. J. Faulkner, W.


Lipid Peptid Phenol Steroid Terpene carotenoid chemistry gold isolation marine organisms natural product paper pharmacology synthesis taxonomy

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