Nonpolluting Coatings and Coating Processes

Proceedings of an ACS Symposium held August 30–31, 1972, in New York City

  • J. L. Gardon
  • Joseph W. Prane
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Ecological requirements are forcing a change in tech­ nology of industrially applied coatings. At present sol­ vent-borne coatings dominate this field but in the next few years rapidly increasing use will be made of aqueous coatings, electrocoating, solvent-free liquid coatings which can be cured by U. V.-light or electronbeam, and powder coatings. This monograph describes some recent developments in these new "non-polluting" coating technologies. It is impossible to predict how big a share each of these novel coatings will take from the conventional in­ dustrial finishes market which at present represents an annual volume of about one billion dollars. In all likeli­ hood each will find its own specialized use. We hope that this monograph will help the reader to form a perspective of the various novel coatings, their method of application, their advantages and their limitations. J. L. Gardon Joseph W. Prane Rahway, N. J.,and Elkins Park, Pa. October 15, 1972 v CONTENTS Status of Air Pollution Control Regulations........... 1 Francis Scofield Physical Characterization of Water Dispersed and Soluble Acrylic Polymers........................... 5 William H. Brendley, Jr. and Thomas H. Haag Methylated Urea Formaldehyde Cross-Linking Agents in Aqueous Emulsions............................... 25 Leonard J. Calbo Polymer Parameters Affecting Aqueous Topcoat Systems. • . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . • . • . . . 35 . • . . . . . . . .


air pollution aldehyde amines atmospheric pollution development emulsion pollution polymer ultraviolet urea water

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