Authigenic Minerals in Sedimentary Rocks

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  • G. I. Teodorovich

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The present work. Authigenic Minerals in Sedimentary Rocks, is designed for the broad circle of lithologists, and also for the geologists and geochemists who are studying sedimentary rocks and ores. Its specific purpose is to stir up interest among lithologists and geologists in the geochemical environment associated with the formation of authigenic minerals in sedimentary rocks, to encourage work in tracing the sequence of formation of these min­ erals, and to direct attention to other genetic problems. The book by no means pretends to be a determinative atlas of the authigenic minerals in sedimentary rocks; its task is to draw the reader's attention to questions of origin and, at the same time, to equip him with systematic knowledge about the physical and, especially, the optical properties of these minerals. In addition, the simplified chemical reactions indicated in the book wiIl permit one to distinguish similar minerals, and will also allow him to detect various mineral deposits in the field. Another purpose of the book is to acquaint chemists and geochemists with the properties of the minerals they study in making chemical analyses, minerals that com­ monly occur as polymineralic aggregates in the samples that are examined.


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