Radiologic Diagnosis of Chest Disease

  • Miriam Sperber

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Anatomy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
  3. Imaging the Human Chest

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 31-31
    2. A. Simonds, S. Clarke
      Pages 33-38
    3. D. Westra
      Pages 39-59
    4. G. Marchal, J. Verschakelen, E. Verbeken, A. L. Baert, J. Lauweryns
      Pages 92-98
    5. J. Van Meerbeeck
      Pages 110-117
    6. A. Frans
      Pages 118-129
    7. Wilfried De Backer, Jan Verhaert
      Pages 130-133
    8. Yves Sibille, William W. Merrill
      Pages 134-140
    9. K. Anger
      Pages 141-153
    10. David Schlossman
      Pages 154-159
  4. Diseases of the Lung and Related Structures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 161-161
    2. N. Vasile, M. C. Anglade
      Pages 163-172
    3. Jean-François Mornex, Didier Revel, Timothy Greenland, Jean Brune
      Pages 173-187
    4. Nestor L. Müller
      Pages 188-199
    5. Yahya M. Berkmen, Sheila D. Davis
      Pages 200-220
    6. J. P. Trigaux, L. Goncette, P. DeCoster
      Pages 221-239
    7. Nestor L. Müller
      Pages 240-256
    8. Yahya M. Berkmen, Sheila D. Davis
      Pages 257-275
    9. J. P. Trigaux, A. Simonds, S. W. Clarke
      Pages 276-296
    10. Barry H. Gross, Kenneth A. Buckwalter, David L. Spizarny, Murray Rebner
      Pages 297-313
    11. Ph. Duyck, E. Van Hedent, N. Dorny, M. Sperber
      Pages 314-331
    12. A. M. De Schepper, I. Tobback
      Pages 332-341
    13. Massimo Pistolesi, Massimo Miniati, Eric N. C. Milne, Carlo Giuntini
      Pages 355-373
    14. C. P. Criée, U. Hüttemann
      Pages 374-385
    15. Kathryn McConnochie
      Pages 386-401
    16. P. Weynants, J. Prignot
      Pages 421-439
    17. P. Grelet, M. Boisserie-Lacroix, F. Laurent
      Pages 440-449
    18. J. David Godwin
      Pages 450-466
    19. P. Stark
      Pages 467-483
    20. Gérard de Geer
      Pages 484-500
    21. Yoram Ben-Menachem
      Pages 501-523
    22. Robert D. Tarver, Dewey J. Conces Jr.
      Pages 524-537
    23. G. M. Domenighetti, D. Kauzlaric, P. Leuenberger
      Pages 551-565
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 567-580

About this book


Rapid developments of new investigative techniques and diagnostic modalities such as CT and MRI have revolutionized modern diagnostic imaging. Dr. Sperber and her contributors expertly facilitate understanding of the fundamentals of pulmonary disorders and promote a realistic and appropriate use of the exciting new diagnostic modalities. Methodologies of choosing techniques are also discussed. The first section of the book reviews the applications of the various radiographic modalities. The second part is organized by disease - emphasizing the radiographic manifestations and indicating appropriate imaging techniques most useful for diagnosis.


Tumor angiography computed tomography (CT) diagnosis diagnostic imaging magnetic resonance magnetic resonance imaging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) radiology tomography ultrasound

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