The Search for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Case Histories from Concept to Clinic

  • Vincent J. Merluzzi
  • Julian Adams

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  2. J. F. Borel, Z. L. Kis, T. Beveridge
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  3. Michihisa Nishiyama, Shizue Izumi, Masakuni Okuhara
    Pages 65-104
  4. Dee W. Brooks, George W. Carter
    Pages 129-160
  5. G. C. Crawley, S. J. Foster, R. M. McMillan, E. R. H. Walker
    Pages 191-231
  6. Peter R. Farina, Carol Ann Homon, Edward S. Lazer, Thomas P. Parks
    Pages 253-274
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About this book


Perspectives on Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Inflammation is a very complicated process of interrelated events and cas­ cades that does not allow for an easily defined, focused attack for drug discovery. It is evident from years of research and development that certain classes of compounds (e.g., NSAIDs, steroids, and so on) have had a meas­ ure of success in alleviating pain and even dampening cellularlhormonal mechanisms involved in the process. Clear, mechanism-related therapies (e.g., for arthritis) and targeted drugs (e.g., for transplantation) have not been available in the past and, in reality, research in inflammation has re­ lied on more phenomenological approaches for resolving symptoms or on blatant cytoreductive approaches in cases like organ transplantation. In the last decade, approaches that have revealed novel cellular pathways in which intervention is possible for lymphocyte regulation (for example, cyclosporine and FK506) and small molecular weight mediators (e.g., leu­ kotriene inhibitors) are now either standard therapy or will be in a short time. These latter approaches have been the result of research from the 1970s up to the present.


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