Advances in Hemostasis and Thrombosis

  • A. Cajozzo
  • R. Perricone
  • P. Di Marco
  • P. Palazzolo

Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (volume 20)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
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  2. Angelo Baserga
    Pages 1-5
  3. J. F. Mustard
    Pages 7-16
  4. Deane F. Mosher, Paula J. McKeown-Longo
    Pages 17-26
  5. Edoardo Ascari, Carlo L. Balduini, Fabiola Sinigaglia, Cesare Balduini
    Pages 59-74
  6. J. Dormandy
    Pages 79-91
  7. Tiziano Barbui, Guido Finazzi
    Pages 117-128
  8. G. Mariani, G. D. Di Nucci, A. Chistolini, M. Motta, F. Mandelli
    Pages 129-140
  9. E. Cacciola, R. Musso, R. Giustolisi, N. M. Catania, E. Cacciola, R. R. Cacciola
    Pages 141-148
  10. P. M. Mannucci, S. Viganò, S. Antoncecchi, N. Ciavarella
    Pages 149-157
  11. G. Camussi, F. Gavosto
    Pages 159-171
  12. M. Cortellaro, C. Boschetti, G. Moreo, V. Antoniazzi
    Pages 173-190
  13. Gian Franco Gensini
    Pages 207-212
  14. Antonio Strano, Giovanni Davì, Gino Avellone, Salvatore Novo, Antonio Pinto
    Pages 213-222
  15. M. Prencipe, C. Fieschi, S. Paolucci, C. Buttinelli
    Pages 223-230
  16. S. Tura, L. Gugliotta, M. Baccarani, C. Bernasconi, C. Biagini, P. Boccaccio et al.
    Pages 261-270
  17. Maria Benedetta Donati, Grazia Conforti, Luciana Mussoni
    Pages 271-275
  18. P. Citarrella, A. Cajozzo
    Pages 303-314
  19. V. Abbadessa, P. Citarrella, R. Perricone, P. Di Marco
    Pages 315-321
  20. P. Di Marco, V. Abbadessa, R. Perricone, P. Citarrella
    Pages 323-326
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 327-334

About this book


A greater knowledge of the basic molecular mechanisms which regulate platelet function, coagulation, the fibrinolytic system and their interaction with the vessel wall has allowed a better understanding of the numerous aspects involved in the pathogenesis of thrombosis and the regulation of hemostasis. Thrombosis represents today one of the causes of death in the Western hemisphere. Arterial thrombosis may lead to myocardial infarction, cerebral and peripheral vascular diseases. Venous thrombosis, on the other hand, is a complication of heart disease, surgery, extensive trauma, several obstetric pathologies, and may, at times, develop in apparently healthy subjects. These complex problems are dealt with within the content of "Advances in Hemostasis and Thrombosis." The present papers contain up-to-date information on hemostasis, the role of prostaglandins, fibrinolytic coagulation, rheology, and modern therapeutic approaches along with their clinical application. This book, therefore, offers the reader the opportunity to profit from a rare encounter, an interdisciplinary cooperation, with scientific contributions from numerous countries.


blood diabetes metabolism rheology thrombosis

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