Diseases of Amphibians and Reptiles

  • Gerald L. Hoff
  • Frederic L. Frye
  • Elliott R. Jacobson

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. David G. Brownstein
    Pages 1-23
  3. Kurt P. Snipes
    Pages 25-35
  4. Elliott R. Jacobson
    Pages 37-47
  5. Emmett B. Shotts Jr.
    Pages 49-57
  6. Gerald L. Hoff
    Pages 59-67
  7. Gerald L. Hoff, Diane M. Hoff
    Pages 69-82
  8. Franklin H. White
    Pages 83-92
  9. Gerald L. Hoff, Franklin H. White
    Pages 93-100
  10. Gerald L. Hoff
    Pages 101-106
  11. Kennedy F. Shortridge, Akira Oya
    Pages 107-148
  12. C. Bruce Cropp
    Pages 149-157
  13. Gerald L. Hoff, Diane M. Hoff
    Pages 159-167
  14. Robert E. Schmidt
    Pages 169-181
  15. George Migaki, E. R. Jacobson, H. W. Casey
    Pages 183-204
  16. Gerald E. Cosgrove, D. E. Deakins, J. T. Self
    Pages 205-211
  17. Roger E. Brannian
    Pages 213-217
  18. J. F. A. Sprent
    Pages 219-245
  19. Daniel R. Brooks
    Pages 247-258
  20. Werner Frank
    Pages 259-384
  21. Sam R. Telford Jr.
    Pages 385-517
  22. Samuel V. Machotka II
    Pages 519-580
  23. Robert G. McKinnell
    Pages 581-605
  24. John E. Cooper
    Pages 607-624
  25. Gerald E. Cosgrove, Marilyn P. Anderson
    Pages 625-632
  26. Fredric L. Frye
    Pages 633-660
  27. George V. Kollias Jr.
    Pages 661-691
  28. Van B. Philpot Jr., Rune L. Stjernholm
    Pages 693-701
  29. Back Matter
    Pages 757-784

About this book


While diseases of free-ranging and captive mammalian and avian wildlife species have received considerable interest in the past 25 years, those of amphibians and reptiles (collectively, the herptiles) generally have been assigned lesser importance. The literature concern­ ing disease in herptiles is widely scattered, consisting chiefly of case reports and prevalence surveys, and with heavy emphasis on captive reptiles. The dynamics of the host-agent-environment relationship have been studied for only a few diseases. This diverse data base is primarily a function of the paucity of investigators whose chief interest is in diseases of herptiles. This first edition represents an effort to bring together some of the diffuse knowledge on infectious and non-infectious diseases of free-ranging and captive herp­ tiles. Issue may be taken with the choice of topics; how­ ever, predominant diseases, as well as some diseases of lesser prominence, are presented. The editors were forced to accept certain omissions, particularly with amphibian diseases, simply for lack of contributors. The resulting text, however, we hope will be of value to veterinarians, herpetolo,gists, wildlife disease investigators, wildlife managers, zoo curators, and university students. G.L. Hoff F.L. Frye E.R. Jacobson v CONTENTS Mycobacteriosis 1 D.G. Brownstein Pasteurella in Reptiles 25 K.P. Snipes Pseudomonas 37 E.R. Jacobson Areomonas 49 E.B. Shotts, Jr.


Mammalia amphibians reptiles

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