Elementary Statistical Thermodynamics

A Problems Approach

  • Norman O. Smith

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About this book


This book is a sequel to my Chemical Thermodynamics: A Prob­ lems Approach published in 1967, which concerned classical thermodynamics almost exclusively. Most books on statistical thermodynamics now available are written either for the superior general chemistry student or for the specialist. The author has felt the need for a text which would bring the intermediate reader to the point where he could not only appreciate the roots of the subject but also have some facility in calculating thermodynamic quantities. Although statistical thermodynamics comprises an essential part of the college training of a chemist, its treatment in general physical chem­ istry texts is, of necessity, compressed to the point where the less competent student is unable to appreciate or comprehend its logic and beauty, and is reduced to memorizing a series of formulas. It has been my aim to fill this need by writing a logical account of the foundations and applications of the sub­ ject at a level which can be grasped by an undergraduate who has had some exposure to calculus and to the basic concepts of classical thermodynamics. It can serve as a text or supple­ mentary reading for a course, or provide the means whereby one could become conversant with the subject on his own, without the benefit of an instructor.


entropy isotope thermodynamics

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