Atomic Physics 7

  • Daniel Kleppner
  • Francis M. Pipkin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. P. Kienle
    Pages 1-27
  3. H. C. Bryant, K. B. Butterfield, D. A. Clark, C. A. Frost, J. B. Donahue, P. A. M. Gram et al.
    Pages 29-63
  4. Serge Haroche
    Pages 141-165
  5. William E. Cooke
    Pages 167-180
  6. Peter M. Koch
    Pages 181-207
  7. Richard R. Freeman
    Pages 209-229
  8. G. Peter Lepage
    Pages 297-311
  9. Robert S. Van Dyck Jr., Paul B. Schwinberg, Hans G. Dehmelt
    Pages 340-372
  10. Patrick O. Egan
    Pages 373-384
  11. S. E. Harris, J. F. Young, R. W. Falcone, W. R. Green, D. B. Lidow, J. Lukasik et al.
    Pages 407-428
  12. Ivan A. Sellin
    Pages 455-489
  13. Peter E. Toschek, Werner Neuhauser
    Pages 529-552
  14. Thomas J. Greytak, Daniel Kleppner, Richard W. Cline, David A. Smith
    Pages 553-568
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 569-573

About this book


Atomic Physics 7 presents the manuscripts of the invited talks delivered at the Seventh International Conference of Atomic Physics, held at M.I.T. August 4-8, 1980. This conference continues the tradition of the earlier conferences by reviewing broad areas of fundamental atomic physics and related subjects. In addition to the invited talks, one hundred and ninety contributed papers were presented in poster sessions. Abstracts of the contributed papers have been printed separately in a small volume. Three hundred and fifty participants from thirteen nations attended the conference. One of the highlights of the conference was an historical talk by Professor Abraham Pais of Rockefeller University entitled "The Birth of the Quantum Theory: Planck". The manuscript of this talk will be published elsewhere. Dr. John Bailey presented a talk on the proton-antiproton system at low energy, but was unable to provide a manuscript for this volume. Also omitted from these Proceedings, but one of the highlights of the Conference, are the comments by Professor I. I. Rabi, an active participant who chaired one session and spent an evening discussing science, history and public policy with graduate students at the Conference.


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