6th International Conference on Atomic Physics Proceedings

  • Robert Damburg
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-11
  2. A. M. Prokhorov
    Pages 13-14
  3. M. A. Braun, L. N. Labsovsky
    Pages 111-132
  4. L. A. Vainstein, V. A. Boiko, E. Ya. Kononov
    Pages 159-181
  5. John S. Risley
    Pages 223-248
  6. E. E. Nikitin, B. M. Smirnov
    Pages 267-288
  7. V. V. Afrosimov, A. P. Shergin
    Pages 289-307
  8. H. Van Regemorter, A. Giusti Suzor, E. Roueff
    Pages 368-382
  9. M. I. Dyakonov, V. I. Perel
    Pages 410-422
  10. H.-J. Beyer, H. Kleinpoppen
    Pages 435-461
  11. M. L. Ter-Mikaelian, M. A. Sarkissian
    Pages 462-492
  12. E. B. Alexandrov
    Pages 521-534
  13. V. I. Balikin, G. I. Bekov, V. S. Letokhov, V. I. Mishin
    Pages 565-584
  14. W. Demtröder
    Pages 612-625
  15. S. Feneuille, P. Jacquinot
    Pages 626-647
  16. L. M. Barkov, M. S. Zolotorev
    Pages 648-652
  17. P. E. G. Baird
    Pages 653-661
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 663-666

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Cross section atomic collision cluster collision elastic collision excited atoms metastable molecule multicharged ions negative ions particles quantum theory scattering self-consistent field spectra

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  • Robert Damburg
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  1. 1.Physics InstituteLatvian SSR Academy of SciencesRigaLatvia

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