Liquid Crystals and Ordered Fluids

  • Julian F. Johnson
  • Roger S. Porter

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Robert J. Cox, Nicholas J. Clecak, Julian F. Johnson
    Pages 41-51
  3. Anselm C. Griffin, Thomas R. Britt, Neal W. Buckley, Richard F. Fisher, Stephen J. Havens, D. Wayne Goodman
    Pages 61-73
  4. M. K. Stanfield, B. L. Warren, F. H. Wilson
    Pages 89-106
  5. B. M. Fung, John H. Johnson, E. A. Grula
    Pages 107-115
  6. Donald L. Melchior, Joseph M. Steim
    Pages 133-150
  7. Lidia Roche Farmer, Paul F. Waters
    Pages 151-163
  8. P. H. Von Dreele
    Pages 191-195
  9. Eisaku Iizuka, Jen Tsi Yang
    Pages 197-207
  10. M. N. L. Narasimhan, T. E. Kelley
    Pages 297-317
  11. M. N. L. Narasimhan, T. E. Kelley
    Pages 319-346
  12. Michael S. Rapport, Andrew G. De Rocco
    Pages 385-398
  13. Arthur E. Stillman, Loretta L. Jones, Robert N. Schwartz, Barney L. Bales
    Pages 399-419
  14. P. K. Watson, J. M. Pollack, J. B. Flannery
    Pages 421-442
  15. A. Cemal Eringen
    Pages 443-474
  16. Frederick G. Yamagishi, Deborah S. Smythe, Leroy J. Miller, J. David Margerum
    Pages 475-496
  17. Michael J. Little, Hugh L. Garvin, Leroy J. Miller
    Pages 497-511
  18. Leroy J. Miller, Jan Grinberg, Gary D. Myer, Deborah S. Smythe, Willis H. Smith
    Pages 513-530
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 531-549

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Absorption Diffusion Sorption Substitution aldehyde fluorescence lipid liquid crystal nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) phase diagram polymer protein spectroscopy structure water

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