Intracellular Protein Catabolism II

  • Vito Turk
  • Neville Marks
  • Alan J. Barrett
  • J. Frederick Woessner

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. H. Hanson, H. Kirschke, J. Langner, B. Wiederanders, S. Ansorge, P. Bohley
    Pages 1-11
  3. J. S. Amenta, F. M. Baccino, M. J. Sargus
    Pages 27-42
  4. F. A. M. Alberghina, E. Martegani
    Pages 67-72
  5. Peter J. Garlick, Robert W. Swick
    Pages 103-107
  6. Peter Bohley, Heidrun Kirschke, Jürgen Langner, Susanne Riemann, Bernd Wiederanders, Siegfried Ansorge et al.
    Pages 108-110
  7. S. Schmidt, K.-D. Kohnert, H. Jahr, H. Zühlke, B. Wilke, H. Kirschke et al.
    Pages 131-138
  8. J. Langner, P. Hoffmann, S. Riemann, B. Wiederanders, S. Ansorge, P. Bohley et al.
    Pages 139-143
  9. B. Wiederanders, S. Ansorge, P. Bohley, H. Kirschke, J. Langner, H. Hanson
    Pages 144-147
  10. S. Ansorge, H. Kirschke, J. Langner, B. Wiederanders, P. Bohley, H. Hanson
    Pages 163-166
  11. John W. C. Bird, William N. Schwartz
    Pages 167-182
  12. W. T. Stauber, A. M. Hedge, B. A. Schottelius
    Pages 191-198
  13. D. J. Millward, P. J. Garlick
    Pages 199-204
  14. M. F. Hardy, M. E. Parsons, R. J. Pennington
    Pages 209-214
  15. J. Frederick Woessner, Asher I. Sapolsky, Theresa Morales, Hideaki Nagase
    Pages 215-223
  16. S. Stražiščar, T. Zvonar, V. Turk
    Pages 224-229
  17. William E. Bowers, John Panagides, Carl F. Beyer, Nagasumi Yago
    Pages 230-239
  18. V. Turk, I. Urh, I. Kregar, J. Babnik, F. Gubenšek, R. Smith
    Pages 240-249
  19. I. Kregar, I. Urh, R. Smith, H. Umezawa, V. Turk
    Pages 250-254
  20. F. Gubenšek, L. Barstow, I. Kregar, V. Turk
    Pages 255-258
  21. Jeffrey Ihnen, George Kalnitsky
    Pages 259-269
  22. K. Otto, Husan Afroz, R. Müller, P. Fuhge
    Pages 282-289
  23. T. Turnšek, I. Kregar, D. Lebez, V. Turk
    Pages 290-298
  24. H. Kirschke, J. Langner, B. Wiederanders, S. Ansorge, P. Bohley, H. Hanson
    Pages 299-303
  25. Alan J. Barrett
    Pages 310-316
  26. Aleksander Koj, Adam Dubin, Jerzy Chudzik
    Pages 317-326
  27. M. Kopitar, Š. Stražiščar, V. Cotič, M. Stegnar, F. Gubenšek, D. Lebez
    Pages 327-342
  28. A. Suhar, D. Lebez
    Pages 343-348
  29. H. P. J. Bennett, J. R. J. Baker, C. McMartin
    Pages 349-350
  30. John R. J. Baker, H. P. J. Bennett, C. McMartin
    Pages 351-352
  31. Back Matter
    Pages 353-368

About this book


This book contains most of the papers presented . at the Second International Symposium on Intracellular Protein OItaboiism, which was held on May 26-30,1975 in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. The papers presented in this book cover a wide variety of areas related to protein turnover and responsible enzymes. The symposium attracted about one hundred parti­ cipants, and the cordial atmosphere, the frank discussions and the exchange of ideas were a stimulant for all those attending_ During the last decade, investigations in the wide field of intracellular protein catabolism have been rapidly taken up in many laboratories, because the mechanisms and regulation of degradative processes are rather less studied compared to synthetic processes. In view of this increased interest, Prof. H. Hanson and his coworkers organized the First Interna­ tional Symposium and the papers presented there were published in the book Intracellular Protein Catabolism, edited by H. Hanson and P. Bohley. In the preface of this book they concluded: "We hope, however, the symposium as well as the book will be the beginning of a series of symposia and their publication concerning intracellular protein catabolism. " We would like to express our thanks for financial support provided by the Research Council of Slovenia. Special thanks are due to the organizing committee of the symposium, and to Dr. I. Kregar and particularly Dr. J. Babnik for their efforts in preparing manuscripts for the publishers.


atmosphere enzyme enzymes metabolism paper protein proteins regulation

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  • Neville Marks
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  • Alan J. Barrett
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  • J. Frederick Woessner
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  1. 1.Department of Biochemistry J. Stefan InstituteUniversity of LjubljanaLjubljanaYugoslavia
  2. 2.New York State Research Institute for Neurochemistry and Drug AddictionWard’s IslandUSA
  3. 3.Strangeways Research LaboratoryCambridgeEngland
  4. 4.Department of Biochemistry and MedicineUniversity of Miami School of MedicineMiamiUSA

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