Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Systems of High Molecular Complexity

  • Neri Niccolai
  • Gianni Valensin

Part of the Progress in Inorganic Biochemistry and Biophysics book series (PIBB, volume 2)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. A. J. Shaka, Ray Freeman
    Pages 1-19
  3. A. Spisni, E. D. Gotsis, E. Ponnusamy, D. Fiat
    Pages 53-60
  4. W. A. Gibbons, P. Mascagni, N. Zhou, A. E. Aulabaugh, A. Prugnola, M. Kuo et al.
    Pages 77-88
  5. Thomas L. James, Michelle S. Broido, Nadege Jamin, Gregory B. Young, Gerald Zon
    Pages 89-108
  6. E. Gaggelli, A. Lepri, N. Marchettini, S. Ulgiati
    Pages 109-117
  7. F. Toma, V. Dive, M. Löw, L. Kisfaludy
    Pages 125-133
  8. P. L. Anelli, T. Beringhelli, H. Molinari, F. Montanari, S. Quici
    Pages 135-139
  9. L. P. M. Orbons, G. A. van der Marel, J. H. van Boom, C. Altona
    Pages 141-147
  10. S. Pochet, T. Huynh-Dinh, J. M. Neumann, S. Tran-Dinh, J. Igolen
    Pages 149-155
  11. G. Gurato, G. Nadali, M. F. Coletta
    Pages 157-163
  12. J. Kowalewski, N. Benetis, T. Larsson, P.-O. Westlund, H. Wennerström
    Pages 197-211
  13. R. L. Vold, R. R. Vold, J. F. Martin, B. C. Nishida, L. S. Selwyn
    Pages 233-251
  14. Z. Luz, D. Goldfarb, E. Lifshitz, H. Zimmermann
    Pages 253-267
  15. G. Moro, P. L. Nordio
    Pages 269-273
  16. Regitze R. Vold, Robert L. Vold, Michael S. Greenfield, Alan Ronemus
    Pages 275-294
  17. G. Chidichimo, D. Imbardelli, M. Longeri, A. Saupe
    Pages 295-306
  18. L. Braunschweiler, A. Schweiger, J.-M. Fauth, R. R. Ernst
    Pages 307-320
  19. M. Brustolon, T. Cassol, L. Micheletti, U. Segre
    Pages 337-340
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    Pages 363-384
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    Pages 385-396
  22. N. Romanelli, G. Martini, L. Kevan
    Pages 411-424
  23. A. Alberti, G. F. Pedulli
    Pages 463-467
  24. C. Corvaja, A. L. Maniero, L. Pasimeni
    Pages 485-491
  25. N. M. Atherton, R. D. S. Blackford
    Pages 493-502
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 503-517

About this book


The second volume of the series on inorganic biochemistry and bio­ physics is singularly devoted to magnetic resonance on systems of high molecular complexity. Recently, there have been important advances in magnetic resonance studies of polymers; these advances touch on all aspects of magnetic resonance, both theoretical and applied. Particular emphasis is placed here on multipulse experiments. We believe such an report will be of considerable interest to the readers of our series owing to the importance of magnetic resonance techniques in the investigation of biopolymers. Ivano Bertini Harry Gray Series Editors Preface This book is a record of the Proceedings of the International Symposium on "Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Systems of High Molecular Complexity", which was held in Siena between 15 and 18 May 1985. The idea of the meeting is due to Proff. N.M. Atherton, G. Giacometti and E. Tiezzi with the aim of honouring the scientific personality of Prof. S.I. Weissman. The meeting has been organized with the assistance of a National Committee formed by R. Basosi, I. Bertini, P. Bucci, C. Corvaia, A. Gamba, G. Martini, G.F. Pedulli, P.A. Temussi, and C.A. Veracini. The invited lecturers responded enthusiastically and a comprehensive picture of the theoretical and practical aspects of magnetic resonance could be therefore provided. The book contains all the plenary lectures delivered during the meeting and also a wide selection among the huge amount of contributions collected by the organizers.


Amino acid DNA Peptide electron spin electron spin echo magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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