Handbook of Neurochemistry

Volume VII Pathological Chemistry of the Nervous System

  • Abel Lajtha

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    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Roscoe O. Brady
    Pages 33-46
  3. István Huszák
    Pages 47-91
  4. Jenö Domonkos
    Pages 93-106
  5. Kunihiko Suzuki, Kinuko Suzuki
    Pages 131-142
  6. Hobart E. Wiltse, John H. Menkes
    Pages 143-167
  7. Helen H. Hess, Alfred Pope
    Pages 289-327
  8. Larry J. Embree, Norman H. Bass, Alfred Pope
    Pages 329-369
  9. H. Weil-Malherbe
    Pages 371-416
  10. Oleh Hornykiewicz
    Pages 465-501
  11. Maria Wollemann
    Pages 503-542
  12. Stephen R. Cohen, Abel Lajtha
    Pages 543-572
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 573-675

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Anyone who has any contact with mental patients, old or young, or their families, or just visits a mental hospital or school for the retarded, is aware of the tremendous suffering caused by malfunctioning of the brain. The func­ tion of no other organ is so crucial for our everyday life, our proper func­ tioning, indeed our happiness, and no other illness causes as much anguish to patients or their families as mental illness. It is surprising and sad, therefore, how little effort has been devoted to research in this area; more so because such research is the only hope to ameliorate this suffering, or, to speak in the language of politics or economics, to decrease the enormous sums that we spend on trying to help our patients, with what is must generally be agreed are the most primitive and inadequate methods of treatment. Clearly, since functions of the brain are vital not only in illness, but in health, pathology is not the only area of concern to neurochemists, but it is an area that urgently needs neurochemical contributions. Progress in this field has been slower than in other areas of neurochemistry, and it seems that solutions in this field are very elusive. The reason for this is that the experimental approach is especially difficult in conditions specific for humans, or specific for complex behavior.


Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer´s disease Parkinson biochemistry brain brain tumor cortex dementia epilepsy multiple sclerosis myelin neurochemistry neurons schizophrenia tumor

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